Monday, 8 October 2007

Intervallum 83 - QB Street Knowledge

Killa Sha - God Walk On Water

Traffic Entertainment Group and Money Maker proudly presents Killa Sha ""God Walk On Water"" featuring: Large Professor, Tragedy Khadafi, Havoc from Mobb Deep, Trife Da God, Ayatolla, ILL Bill from Non Phixion and La Coka Nostra & more! Study your lessons!

01. Intro
02. Nourishment
03. Air
04. Deep Thoughts
05. Unbroken
06. One Hand Wash The Other (feat. Tragedy Khadafi & Trife Da God)
07. A Thing Called Love
08. Work The Plan (feat. Havoc)
09. Tune Of Life
10. Piff (feat. ACD)
11. Front Lines (feat. Large Pro)
12. Maskaraid
13. Come on
14. Cash
15. Mr Ni-Eve (feat. Dressa)
16. Stick & Move (feat. Born Unique & Ill Bill)
17. Un Believable

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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Intervallum 82 - Long Time Comin

Special Teamz - Stereotypez

Newly formed group made up of Bostonian underground emcees Slain of La Coka Nostra, Jaysaun of The Kreators, DJ JayCeeOh and the legendary Edo G. For their Duck Down debut they've enlisted the like of Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Jake One and Marco Polo on production, and while each member brings their own personal style to the album, they still share a common factor, growing up in one of America's oldest cities. Though rich in history, Boston is not without its faults, nor is it widely spoken of when referring to hip hop, as the group touches on socio-political topics and a city that prides itself on its diversity, and yet this ideology alone is the reason it remains a city divided.

01. Get Down
02. Three Kingz
03. Stereotypez
04. Boston To Bucktown (feat. Sean Price / Buckshot)
05. Classical
06. Main Event
07. Long Time Commin (feat. Devin The Dude)
08. Home (feat. JY / Twice Thou / Akrobatik / Frankie Wainwright / Dre Rob)
09. Clap Your Handz
10. Story Of My Life (feat. JY)
11. Fallen Angelz (feat. D Guest)
12. One Call
13. Fight Club
14. Dirty Money (feat. Ill Bill)
15. Pushaman
16. Race Riot
17. Gun In My Hand (Bonus Track) (feat. Jamey Jasta)

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Intervallum 81 - Spreading Like Cancer

DJMuggs Vs. Sick Jacken - Legend Of The Mask & The Assassin

Legend of the Mask and the Assassin is a collaboration album of Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm and DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill. This is the first time a Psycho Realm member has collaborated with a Cypress Hill member since Psycho Realm's debut album. Most of the tracks are featuring Cynic of Street Platoon, who is also part of the Sick Symphonies group. The album has two Spanish tracks, "El Barrio'" and "Ciclon".

1. The Initiation
2. Mask And The Assasin
3. Ciclon
4. Land Of Shadows
5. God's Banker
6. Reptilian Renaissance
7. Praying Mantis
8. El Barrio
9. Interlude
10. Unorthodox Blocks
11. The Hole (P.O.W.)
12. Stairs To The Beast
13. Black Ships
14. Rebel Angel
15. Silent Crimes
16. 2012

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Monday, 1 October 2007

Intervallum 80 - Listen To The Pouring Rain

Earmint - Another Early Evening

EV Records is proud to introduce Chi-town beat-smith Earmint! This debut LP features vocals from Psalm One (Rhymesayers), Illogic (Rhymesayers), Diverse (Chocolate Industries), Murs (Def Jux), Roc C (Stones Throw) and LongShot (EV Records) along with co-production from Elliot Lipp (Hefty Records), Overflo (Birthwrite Records), and Mr. Magic Pantz. Earmint first hit the Chicago hip hop scene with a track on Diverses critically acclaimed album “1AM.”

01. The Flashy Slang Ft. Psalm One
02. Cut To Carchase
03. Haven't Been Home
04. Don't Aver Know Why (Instro)
05. Be That Ft. Longshot & Roc C
06. So Much For Nothing (Instro)
07. Wreck Shop (Instro)
08. Guaranteed (Instro)
09. So Terrible It's Terrifying
10. Good Grief (Instro)
11. I'm The Ft. Mur & Anacron
12. All City
13. The Bluessinger Ft. Diverse
14. Attack On All Fronts (Instro)
15. Move That (Instro)
16. What My Climn Ft. Longshot
17. Listen To The Pouring Rain
18. Then Go Outside (Vocals By Samatha Dole)
19. At The Shore (Bonus Track)
20. Plug Connect Express (Bonus Track)

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Intervallum 79 - Stoned Raiders

Cypress Hill - Temples Of Boom

"Once again the powers of the herb open up the deep inside and tell me what you find." With that piece of counsel (soon followed by a coughing fit), Cypress Hill begins its journey through Temples of Boom, the group's third (and seemingly Halloween-inspired) album. Creepy, catchy and cranky The Temples of Boom is mostly the same little green bag of tricks, mixed with the occasional Cypress treat. On each spooky track, the Hill leads the listener deep within the temples, fills the room with ganja smoke, and then suddenly leaps out, flexing its trademark skillz inches from your nose. For me it's their best album.

01. Spark Another Owl
02. Throw Your Set In The Air
03. Stoned Raiders
04. Illusions
05. Killa Hill Niggas
06. Boom Biddy Bye Bye
07. No Rest For The Wicked
08. Make A Move
09. Killafornia
10. Funk Freakers
11. Locotes
12. Red Light Visions
13. Stickly Hip Hop
14. Let it Rain
15. Everybody Must Get Stoned

Chillout !

Intervallum 78 - Train Of Thought

Pat D & Lady Paradox - Kind Of Peace

‘'Kind of Peace'’ is the second release from Hull based Hip-Hop label A Bridge Too Far Recordings. It features the production skills of Hull based beat maker Pat D accompanied by the smooth and honest lyricism of Midlands based female emcee Lady Paradox. The album features 14 tracks of Jazzy soulful based Hip-Hop fused with down to earth, yet meaningful lyrics provided by Lady Paradox and guests. The album also boasts several guest appearances from some of the UK’s finest emcees and singers, such as Karizma, Sam Sure, Logan, Lauren Jade and Selone.

01. Intro
02. Perspectives
03. Step Off (Feat Lauren Jade)
04. Dreams
05. Tick Of Time (Feat Sam Sure)
06. Train Stations & Playstations
07. Saw You Last Week (Feat Lauren Jade)
08. Nightmares
09. When The Weather Fades
10. Hiphop Quotables (Feat Logan)
11. Escapism (Feat Karizma & Selone)
12. Train Of Thought
13. Summertime
14. Outro

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Intervallum 77 - Lyrical Melee

Army Of The Pharaohs - Ritual Of Battle

The collection of tracks on Ritual of Battle is so grimy and morbid that it would make your current favorite hard body emcee run and shudder and will probably have the same effect on your average Hip Hop fan. Army Of The Pharaohs’s group members all contribute their unique style to the cauldron reminiscent of another 9 member group from New York (Wu Tang) but their concoction, Ritual of Battle, lacks the chemistry and focus of early Wu Tang projects. Ritual of Battle is an album for a specific niche of hardcore East Coast underground heads and despite the endless violence there are still some head bangers on Ritual Of Battle but if you’re not apart of the cult they’re targeting it’s safe to pass on Ritual Of Battle.

01. Swords Drawn

02. Time To Rock
03. Dump The Clip
04. Black Christmas
05. Blue Steel
06. Gun Ballad
07. Strike Back
08. Frontline
09. Through Blood By Thunder
10. Murda Murda
11. Bloody Tears
12. Seven
13. Drama Theme
14. Pages In Blood
15. D & D
16. Don't Cry

Chillout !

Intervallum 76 - Rap Circus

Dev Rocka - The Night Shift

Up and coming Philadelphia / New York producer Dev Rocka, best known for his work with Chief Kamachi and Reef The Lost Cauze, is about to unleash his debut album Night Shift. With help from an all-star ensamble of independent Hip Hop's elite, Dev Rocka will leave an undeniable mark on the game with this producer album, as he provides a new fresh sound for Hip Hop fans everywhere to take in and enjoy. The record features guest vocals from Planet Asia, Killah Priest, Krumbsnatcha, Chief Kamachi, Reef The Lost Cauze, Maylay Sparks, The High & Mighty, Charon Don, State Store, Black Opz and more.

01. Intro Ft. Kawshen
02. Us Against The World Ft. Mr. Eon & Charon Don
03. Relax Ft. Maylay Sparks
04. Slum Hustler Ft. State Store
05. Sky High Ft. Chief Kamachi
06. Say What? Ft. Charon Don
07. Dutches & Phillies Ft. NY Rhyme Exchange & Reef The Lost Cauze
08. Curtains Ft. Planet Asia & Reef The Lost Cauze
09. Hood Shit Ft. Broady Boy Ace
10. Rap Circus Ft. Kawshen, Krumbsnatcha
11. Observers Ft. Charon Don & Killah Priest
12. Ain't No Holding Back Ft. Granz
13. Vocab & Knowledge Ft. Drac, Mic Wrecka, Madman, Broady Boy Ace
14. In The End Ft. Reef The Lost Cauze
15. Captivating

Chillout !

Intervallum 75 - From The Tobin Bridge To The Brooklyn Bridge

Big Shug - Street Champ

Big Shug has a gargantuan significance in the Boston hip hop scene. With the 2005 release of Who’s Hard?, Shug made his personal album debut into the hip hop market. However, his involvement is infinite and perhaps most memorably captured by his verse in Gangstarr’s classic "The Militia." Having encouraged Guru to begin rapping in the first place, Shug is largely responsible for establishing the Boston hip hop community. His new release entitled Street Champ is more evident of that than anything, featuring singles with Singapore Kane and Boston’s own Edo G, it looks to launch Shug even further above the clouds of Boston hip hop’s legendary status. Staying true to the Gang Starr Foundation formula, Big Shug recreates his indelible bond with DJ Premier on Street Champ with three tracks, including the street-banger ''It Just Don't Stop.'' For round two, however, Shug also taps rising producer MoSS to guide his sonic tour de force. Street Champ also features guest appearances from Termanology, Sean Price with the latter joining forces with Big Twins from Infamous Mobb on the massive posse cut ''Leg Breakers''.

01. Intro
02. Streetchamp
03. Hood with That
04. Play It
05. Warpath - Big Shug, , Ea$y Money, Termanology
06. Walk Away
07. Legbreakers - Big Shug, Big Twins, , Sean Price
08. Street Move - Big Shug, Singapore Kane
09. Spit It Real
10. It Just Don't Stop
11. Call Me Back
12. Spitfire - Big Shug, Dre Robinson, Singapore Kane
13. Hear Me
14. What You Gonna Do
15. Interlude
16. Exposed
17. Lost
18. After Me

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Intervallum 74 - For The Fans Of The Chicago Sound

Pugs Atomz - Conversations With A Chamelion

This is Pugs' third album and Conversations with a Chamelion successfully encompasses the positive unification of Hip-Hop's raw elements. Producer Colin Response provides most of the quality production and from the bluesy first cut The Last Time you know Pugs' career has really just begun. Response has worked with Chitown's finest including Twista and he is also behind the head-nodding Whatever Man, a track for all the slackers that got an excuse for everything. Another banger is The Outlaw, a combination of the soulful Chi sound and a scratched Lil' Kim sample. Hi-Tek drops in on the production with Black Boy which featuring Hall of Fame. Tear In Your Eye is another Colin Response track and Pugs delves into the love Hip-Hop is capable of evoking, reminding me of some of the good memories I have from my experiences with Thick. Moments that encapsulate someone else's unbridled expression that you can relate to whether during concerts, albums or countless documentaries that capture irreplaceable times. The introspective For The Free is an excellent punctuation and summarizes the sentiment here well.

01 Working, Building
02 Movement
03 Whatever Man
04 Memorial Feat. Deuce Eclipse and Dave Ghetto
05 4 Play
06 Dogwood Tree
07 Break Night
08 The Outlaw
09 Black Boy Feat. Hall Of Fame
10 N Side
11 Questionin Feat. Capital D and Verbal E
12 Eye Of The Storm (Blue)
13 Tear In Your Eye
14 Vacation
15 For The Free

Chillout !

Intervallum 73 - Crown Royal

Jill Scott - The Real Thing

Jill Scott is one artist that continues to put out solid music year after year. With her third release she continues this streak by displaying thoughtful lyrics, a beautiful voice, and some nice tracks. The tracks range from having a slight rock tinge to just relaxing smooth tracks. This is a very nice album, cop it or...

01. Jill Scott - Let It Be
02. Jill Scott - The Real Thing
03. Jill Scott - Hate On Me
04. Jill Scott - Come See Me
05. Jill Scott - Crown Royal
06. Jill Scott - Epiphany
07. Jill Scott - My Love
08. Jill Scott - Insomnia
09. Jill Scott - How It Make You Feel
10. Jill Scott - Only You
11. Jill Scott - Whenever You're Around
12. Jill Scott - Celibacy Blues
13. Jill Scott - All I
14. Jill Scott - Wanna Be Loved
15. Jill Scott - Breathe
16. Jill Scott - Imagination (Crown Royale Suite)
17. Jill Scott - Rightness (Bonus Track)

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Intervallum 72 - Check It & Give Props

Shane Hunter - Conditions And Shifts

Shane Hunter is the next generation of underground hip hop. Listen to where indie hip hop should be. Gripping vocals, shredding lyrics, and hip hop hooks that are so memorable and catchy, Conditions and Shifts will have you rapping along after one listen. In Conditions and Shifts, Shane Hunter raps about his Los Angeles surroundings during the past few years, but does it in a very un-traditional Hip Hop fashion.

01. Dust
02. Equine Traffic
03. Effigy
04. New Stylus
05. New Bear Flag Revolt
06. Soon Come
07. Alaska
08. Do Your Worst
09. Yes, Indeed
10. Rollin' Trusses
11. Stack Of Bibles
12. Equine Traffic Version

Chillout !

Intervallum 71 - Choice Choice37

Choice37 - Diligence

Choice 37's album "Diligence" hits you's heat son! and shit's bigger than Pokemon son! HEAT!...the album features: Aloe Blacc, Blu, Braille, Othello, Lauren Santiago, Kero One, El Gambina, Freddie Joachim, and The Earl...did I mention...HEAT!

01. People Music (Intro)
02. Conversate feat. Kero One & El Gambina
03. Wings feat. Braille
04. Tomorrow feat. Othello
05. Love vs. Vanity (Interlude)
06. Search
07. Balance
08. Piece feat. Blu
09. Rhythm (Interlude)
10. Take Your Time feat. Aloe Blacc
11. Back To Cuba feat. The Earl
12. Hope feat. Lauren Santiago
13. Part of Me feat. Jung
14. Conversate feat. Kero One & El Gambina (rmx)
15. Wonder (Outro)

Chillout !

Intervallum 70 - Music Box

Matlock - Moonshine

Not your grandma's Matlock, this is bedrock Chi hip hop Matlock -- a hard thumpin' batch from an MC that doesn't mince words - with appearances by RA The Rugged Man, Rusty Chains, Pace Won and Juice. Chicago on fire baby !

01. Intro
02. Liven Em Up
03. Pignose (feat. RA The Rugged Man)
04. Bury My Body
05. Don't Sleep
06. Interlude
07. Moonshine
08. Love N Hate
09. Dear Abbey
10. Get Lit (feat. Rusty Chains)
11. This Music
12. Interlude
13. Cursed
14. Live At EV
15. Quatro Muchachos (feat. Pace Won / Rusty Chains / Juice)
16. I'm A Thief
17. Music Box
18. Northside Die-Hard
19. Outro

Chillout !

Intervallum 69 - Good Luck Trying To Categorize Their Music !

The Heliocentrics - Out There

Four years in the making, The Heliocentrics' debut album is finally complete. Out There is here. Good luck trying to categorize their music. Led by the relentless drummer Malcolm Catto, the UK collective's objective lays quite a ways beyond what ordinary listeners know or expect. In an alternative galaxy, where the orbits of Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, Psychedelic, Electronic, Avante-Garde and Ethnic music all revolve around “The One” – that's where you might find The Heliocentrics.

A listen to a song or two reveals no small influence from the funk universe of James Brown. But there's also the disorienting asymmetry of Sun Ra's music. The cinematic scope of Ennio Morricone. The sublime fusion of David Axelrod. But the Heliocentrics' music isn't retro. It's brand new. And it's timeless. They have well-placed fans in the likes of Madlib (Catto was featured on his Shades of Blue album and on various Yesterdays New Quintet releases) and DJ Shadow (the band backed him on the song “This Time I’m Gonna Do It My Way” from his The Outsider album), who will tell you that this band is really the next shit but that they have the consistency and musicianship that seems to have been lost somewhere in the analog to digital shuffle over the past thirty years.

1. Intro
2. Distant Star
3. Flight 583
4. Once Upon a Time
5. Beyond Repair
6. Sirius B
7. Untitled
8. They Are Among Us - Part 1
9. The Zero Hour
10. Joyride
11. The American Empire
12. Before I Die
13. Intermission
14. Age of the Sun
15. They Are Among Us - Part 2
16. Winter Song
17. A World of Masks
18. Sounds of the East
19. Somewhere Out There
20. Second Chance (K2’s Prayer)
21. Return Journey
22. Sirius A
23. Falling to Earth
24. Outro

Chillout !

Intervallum 68 - 25 To Life

Tragedy Khadafi - The Death Of Tragedy

Tragedy Khadafi's (A.K.A. Percy Chapman) latest album is "The Death of Tragedy" (2007) a short seventeen track release which features production from Havoc, Scram Jones, Betrayal, GQ Beats, Now & Laterz, Crack Val, Alchemist & 4th Disciple. The veteran Queensbridge MC provides an album for the streets, often reppin his record label 25 To Life Records.

01. G-Formation
02. The Truest
03. I Am The Streets
04. Murder By Numbers
05. Crime Legacy
06. Sole Dead Brothers
07. Militain Mind State
08. Ryder Musik
09. Emaculate G's
10. Intimate Vision
11. Dejavu
12. If You Don't Know
13. 25 To Life
14. Elbouhio Of Death
15. Milk Murder (Tribute)
16. Mind State (bonus track)

Chillout !

Intervallum 67 - Neverending Burning Fire

Gentleman - Another Intensity

„We got to be still, and still moving into another intensity.“

What can I say ? Another amazing album !
  1. Evolution
  2. Tranquility - Acoustic
  3. Lack Of Love
  4. Different Places
  5. Round The World
  6. Serenity
  7. Soulfood
  8. Celebration
  9. Mount Zion
  10. The Light Within
  11. In Pursuit Of Happiness
  12. Rage & Anger
  13. Respond To Yourself
  14. Missing Those Days
  15. Hosanna
  16. Jah Love
  17. Sin City
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Monday, 13 August 2007

Intervallum 66 - Classic Material

Jake Lefco - And You Are?

Jake Lefco is a promising new voice from Philadelphia, one that isn't afraid to be himself. His brand of self-confidence is a mix of tongue-in-cheek swagger and a mature awareness of what surrounds him. In a world where identity crises abound, Lefco is secure enough with his spot to ask his audience and to name his first opus "And You Are?" This prevailing theme gets beaten almost to the point of death over the course of the album, but it's still a stable platform for a debut artist to make a unique splash in the game. Debut album features the hit single "Headphones" as well as guest appearances from Reef the Lost Cauze, DJ Kwestion (Jedi Mind Tricks, Skratch Makaniks), Scandal (40th Dimension), Panek (illvibe), and more! Produced by Happ G, Snuff, and Greg Smith.

01. And You Are?
02. Be A Man
03. Nasty N' Nice
04. Wake Up Call ft. Reef the Lost Cauze & Scandal
05. Landslide
06. Get Pleasant
07. Wonder Years
08. Rush Hours
09. Everybody Breathin
10. Classic Material ft. Reef the Lost Cauze
11. Systems Down
12. Keep An Eye Out (remix)
13. Headphones
14. Let It Ride

Chillout !

Intervallum 65 - Dark Side Of The Moon

Not.Con - Music For Astronauts

01. Statik (The Astronaut)
02. Space Tourism
03. Above The Blue Horizon
04. The Unknown
05. The Balance
06. Long Way To Mars
07. Dental Problem
08. First Contact
09. So Far Away
10. Spacecraft
11. Station Alfa-6
12. Epilog

Chillout !

Intervallum 64 - I Love Good Music

ShinSight Trio - Shallow Nights Blurry Moon

ShinSight Trio consists of Insight, Shin-Ski, and DJ RYOW. Insight has a overwhelming popularity and recognition in underground HipHop scene all over the world, and his partner Shin-Ski of Martiangang is known as one of the coolest beat-makers in Japan. DJ RYOW a.k.a. smooth current is charismatic performer, and he also acts as Levitatorz with Shin-Ski. It is a kind of miracle to build up such members, and their supreme work is going to be released finally. Not only for fans, but also for new listeners, Shallow Nights Blurry Moon assures all music lovers of 300% satisfaction. This album is going to make an epoch in Jazzy-HipHop.

01 Intro
02 Early Dayz Amazement
03 Kick Snare Hi Hat
04 I Love Good Music
05 What's The World
06 Passin By
07 No Clouds On A Sunny Day
08 Work With Options Around Me
09 Let's Do A Jam (feat. Dagha)
10 Interlude
11 Lucky Dayz
12 Everything Steady Goin Downhill
13 Heart (feat. Edo G)
14 Positive Energy (bonus track)
15 Freedom Of Speech (bonus track)

Chillout !

Intervallum 63 - Fantastic From Beginning To End

Death Proof - Soundtrack

The soundtrack includes classic songs from the ’60s and
’70s, such as “Jeepster” from British glam rock band T
Rex, “Staggolee” from San Francisco blues band Pacific Gas & Electric, “Down In Mexico” from doo-wop legends The Coasters, and “Good Love, Bad Love” by Stax R&B legend Eddie Floyd. It also features a haunting composition, entitled “Paranoia Prima,” from legendary Italian film score composer Ennio Morricone. The songs are interspersed with dialogue voiced by the actors including Russell, Rose McGowan, Eli Roth, and Michael Bacall.

01. Jack Nitzsche - The Last Race
02. Smith - Baby, It's You
03. Ennio Morricone - Paranoia Prima
04. Eli Roth & Michael Bacall - Planning & Scheming (Dialogue)
05. T. Rex - Jeepster
06. Rose McGowan & Kurt Russell - Stuntman Mike (Dialogue)
07. Pacific Gas & Electric - Staggolle
08. Joe Tex - The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)
09. Eddie Floyd - Good Love, Bad Love
10. The Coasters - Down In Mexico
11. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - Hold Tight
12. Pino Donaggio - Sally and Jack (From the Motion Picture Blow Out)
13. Willy DeVille - It's So Easy
14. Tracie Thoms & Zoe Bell - Whatever-However (Dialogue)
15. Eddie Beram - Riot In Thunder Alley
16. April March - Chick Habit

Chillout !

Intervallum 62 - Z'africanos

Z'Africa Brazil - Verdade E Traumatismo

01. Marcha Suicida Feat. Sebastiao Marinho
02. Hiphopologia
03. A Luta
04. Reparacao
05. Verdade E Traumatismo Feat. Rockin' Squat, Pyroman
06. Vagabundo Luto
07. Planeta Terra E Meu Pais Feat. Rockin' Squat, Pyroman
08. Z'africanos 00:03:04
09. Vai Doe Feat. Rockin' Squat
10. Reparacao (remix)
11. Z' Africanos (remix)

Chillout !

Intervallum 61 - Furious Form

Canibus - Rip The Jacker

This album is Bis' best and Stoupe deff held his own. Anyone who didn't give this 5 stars should die, it's not an opinion, it's fact !

01. Intro
02. Genabis
03. Levitibus
04. M-Sea-Cresy
05. No Return
06. Spartibus
07. Indibisble
08. Showtime At The Gallow
09. Psych Evaluation
10. Cemantics
11. Poet Laureate II

Chillout !

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Intervallum 60 - 12 Minutes Of Pure Chillout

Sound Destruction Unit - Quiet Nights EP

01. Quiet Nights by Edas
02. That Dream
03. Quiet Nights by Cichy Leonzio
04. Quiet Nights rmx by M_scyther

Chillout !

Intervallum 59 - Concrete Man

Nomadic Poet - A Travellers Tale

Nomadic Poet was born and raised in North West London or the ‘Thorough Borough’ as he likes to call it. As a young Asian growing up in the inner city during the 80’s, he fell in love with Hip Hop music and was inspired by artists like Spoonie G, Rakim, KRS-ONE, Kool G Rap and Chuck D. ‘A Traveller’s Tale’ is a true example of longevity in the Hip Hop game from an artist who is immersed in his craft. Jam packed with stellar production and a vast display of lyrical skills, the beats and rhymes grab you from the get go.


Chillout !

Friday, 10 August 2007

Intervallum 58 - No Remorse

Necro - Death Rap [promo]

Check the promo of Necro incoming album - Death Rap.

01.Creepy Crawl
02.No Remorse
03.Some Get Back (Revenge)
04.Belligerent Gansters
05.Suffocated to Death by God's Shadow
06.Mutilate the Beat
07.Keep on Driving
08.Technician of Execution
09.Keeping it Real
11.As Deadly as Can Be
12.Evil Rules
13.Forensic Pathology
14.Portrait of A Death Rapper

Chillout !

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Intervallum 57 - Silent Assassin

Hitman 3 - Soundtrack

All the Hitman games have been scored wonderfully by Jesper Kyd. This is one of the best game soundtracks that I've ever heard. Each track is rich and beautifully dark. I usually don't enjoy music of this genre, but the darkness and dynamics of this album has placed it among my favorites. Overall, a fantastic score that sucks you in from the first track. Individual tracks all have something interesting to offer, even if you've listened to the CD many times. This soundtrack is worth having in any collection; it's far better than many big-budget movies have been able to accomplish.

01. White Room & Main Title
02. SWAT Team
03. Hong Kong Underground
04. Slaughter Club
05. Streets of Hong Kong
06. Double Ballers
07. Winter Nights
08. Weapon Select Beats
09. 47 Detected
10. Invader
11. Slaughterhouse
12. Sanitarium
13. Budapest Bath Hotel

Chillout !

Intervallum 56 - Heart Of Darkness

Tears Of The Sun - Soundtrack

With all of Zimmer's music, you are there, not at the concert but in the field. The main theme is inspirational, and is heard best in tracks three (on strings), six (with a male choir and Lisa Gerard), and especially track ten (as a joyous song celebration led by Lebo M with an African choir). Also impressive is the action piece heard in track nine, a relentlessly agressive epic that's preceded by a lovely and (much as I hate to use this cliched word) haunting orchestral prelude accompanied by Gerard's voice. There are parts of "Tears of the Sun" that may sound harsh to the ears on a first listen, but this is an album that you can't help but appreciate and admire, whether or not you like it.

1. Yekeleni Part 1/Mia's Lullabye
2. Heart Of Darkness
3. Small Piece For Doumbek And Strings/Kopano Part 1
4. Under The Forest Calm
5. Yekeleni Part II/Carnage
6. Kopano Part II
7. Night
8. Cry In Silence
9. The Jablonsky Variations On A Theme By HZ/Cameroon Border Post
10. The Journey/Kopano Part III

Chillout !

Intervallum 55 - I Feel Good !

Figgkidd - Figgkidd

Figgkidd is an Australian hip-hop artist (Sydney). His debut album "What Is Figgkidd" was released through a collaboration between Sony Music and the independent label Unda K9. Recorded in the United States, it was mastered by Segal who was also responsible for mastering such albums as Jay-Z's The Blueprint and Eminem's Slim Shady LP. The album's lead single, "I Gotta Know", featured a collaboration with American-born emcee Tech N9ne. Now he is back with new tracks features Proof of D12, James Brown, Rakaa of Dilated Peoples and others.

01. Feel Good 04:24
02. Rewind (Feat. Bishop) 03:25
03. Rent 05:13
(Feat. Rakaa from Dilated Peoples, Static &
and Natt II (Denmark))
04. I Am Who I Am (Feat. Braille (NY)) 04:58
05. My People (Feat. Carmen Smith) 04:19
06. Lights Go Out 03:10
07. Work that Shhh! (Feat. Jade Mccrae) 03:10
08. Love & Understanding 04:44
(Feat. Proof from D12, Bishop & Neho)
09. Push 03:48
10. For You (Feat. Veronica Martinez) 04:05
11. Get Your Kicks 03:30
12. Appreciation (Feat. Veronica Martinez) 03:52

Chillout !

Intervallum 54 - Hottest Newcomer In The Industry

Rugged Intellect - Renaissance Music: The Introduction

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Rugged's multi-lingualism combined with his multisyllabic, relentless rhyme schemes position him as a unique voice in the hiphop industry. Production is handled by Domingo, Buckwild (DITC), Memo (Molemen), Montreal's Apokalyptik and Executive Producer Adam Sampler. The album was given 3.5 MICS in THE SOURCE MAGAZINE (May 2007), quite an accomplishment for an independent new artist with no major label backing.

01. Blindtitel
01. Introduction
02. It Is What It Is
03. Say Goodbye
04. Guaranteed feat. Rock (Heltah Skeltah)
05. Biter's Block
06. DBA feat. RA The Rugged Man
07. Gonna Move
08. Life I Love
09. All Fair feat. Kool G Rap
10. By Any Means
11. Break 'Em Off
12. Next Dose feat. Ras Kass
13. Interlude
14. Real Recognize Real
15. Like That feat. AG (D.I.T.C.)
16. Truth and Consequences
17. Bonus Track: Biters Block Remix
18. Bonus Track: Say Goodbye Remix feat. Sean Price, Party Arty (DITC), Rustee Juxx (Boot Camp) & Solomon Childs (Wu-Tang)

Chillout !

Intervallum 53 - Hip Hop Beacon In L.A.

The Chapter - The Prewreckwizit

Verbal E and 360 return as THE CHAPTER, Las Vegas's own live instrumentated hip-hop act, after their critically acclaimed debut album, "Us Vs. Them". First noticed by ?uestlove of The Roots, The Chapter were picked as the first new act for Okay Player's True Notes Vol. 1 compilation in 2004. The new CD includes guest appearances from Supastition, Darien Brockington (Hall of Justus), Mr. Complex, and E-Dot.

1. "A Terrible Thing"
2. "The 24"
3. "The Chapter"
4. "Star Gazing (feat. Scene)"
5. "Landuvbrokenglish Pt. 1, 2, 3 (feat. E-Dot)"
6. "PolySci (feat. Therapy)"
7. "Supaclaps" (feat. Supastition)
8. "Student Union" (feat. Mr. Complex/E-Dot)
9. "Screwface"
10. "On Ten"
11. "SchoolBoyCrushin'" (feat. Darien Brockington)
12. "Cla'ence Jo"
13. "Economics"
14. "ScoolYrdBuly"

Chillout !

Intervallum 52 - Hip Hop Vive

Tres Coronas - Street Album

100 % Pure Colombian Flavour !

01. Mas Fuerte
02. A Criticarme
03. Bang Bang!
04. Fake Records
05. Las 5 Reglas Ft. Macko
06. Ya Olvidar
07. Otra Historia
08. Entremos Al Party
09. Venenosas
10. New York Ft. Sergio Veneno
11. No Es Real Ft. Chavito
12. Para Los Que Entienden Ft. Eye-N-See
13. Princesa
14. Mi Tumbao Remix Ft. Michael Stuart
15. Asi Es
16. Nacho Latino

Chillout !

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Intervallum 51 - They're Inspirational

Sweatshop Union - Local.604

What do you want? Talented rapping? It's Here. Talented writing? It's here. A variety of beats? Got it. Quality production all around? Sweatshop. Wait, you mean you get all this and a positive message? These guys are actually rapping about something? Not just guns, drugs, and girls? Wow. How can you not love this CD? These guys are solid. It's got a bit of everything. Want some mellow, layed out, chill tracks? Some in here. Want some pumped up energizers? So check this !

01. Nothing Makes Sense 2:32
02. Union Dues 3:10
03. Feelin' Alright 3:15
04. The Humans' Race 4:14
05. President's Choice 3:34
06. Don't Mind Us 3:36
07. Blue Collar Ballad 3:50
08. All I Know 3:35
09. Dirty Work 5:31
10. The Truth We Speak 3:23
11. Little Things 3:53
12. Prose & Cons 4:11
13. A Wrinkle In Time 2:53
14. Breath 2:37
15. Labour Pains 4:16
16. The Revolution 5:06
17. Ascend 4:44
18. ... 4:25

Chillout !

Intervallum 50 - Dark Riders

V/A - Lyrics Of Fury

"Lyrics of Fury" is a mixtape-style cd released through a Battle Axe subsidary called Underworld Records showcasing the Battle Axe roster (circa 2001 of course, which included Swollen Members (of course) & Moka Only, Buc Fifty, LMNO (who is no longer with Battle Axe) and Mr. Brady, among others.

01. Boy's About To Flip - Buc Fifty
02. This That - Moka Only
03. Commercial Rap - LMNO
04. Dark Riders - Swollen Members
05. It Don't Stop - Mr. Bardy
06. Glock And A Dream - Buc Fifty
07. Pillow Fulla Scrilla - Moka Only
08. Helpful Guidance - LMNO
09. New Details - Swollen Members
10. One With The Wind - Mr. Bardy
11. Forefront - Perfect Strangers
12. With Meaning - LMNO & Mad Child
13. Permanent Scars - Buc Fifty & Aggalah
14. Battle Axe Exclusive - Swollen Members
15. Masters Of Ceremony - Mr. Brady
16. Masters - Kyprios
17. Revealing - Ron Contour & Birdapres
18. Metal's Advocate - Buc Fifty

Chillout !

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Intervallum 49 - Drink If You Got It Smoke If You Got It

DJ Cam - Bouncer Crew: Xtasy For Ladies

Produced entirely by DJ Cam, this release features multi-platinum legends MC Eiht, J. Dilla's protégés Frank-N-Dank, MED, the Lords Of Underground (Roc C, Supastition, In Love, Do It All), and Buckshot.

1. Frank-N-Dank - 'Smokesum'
2. MC Eiht - 'Lowrider'
3. Do It All - 'Let's Rap A Taste On It'
4. Buckshot - 'Ganjaman'
5. Inlove - 'Can't Get Enough'
6. Westside Skit
7. MC Eiht - 'Street Life'
8. Supastition - 'A Love Supreme'
9. So Cool Skit
10. Med - 'Climax'
11. ROC C - 'Rockin'
12. Bouncer Crew Theme

Chillout !

Friday, 15 June 2007

Intervallum 48 - We No Need The Aim

V/A - Ill Bill & DJ Eclipse - La Coka Nostra Radio Vol.1 (Hosted By Danny Boy)

Firts mixtape signed by LCN Family.

01. Ill Bill & Q-Unique - Don't Touch That Dial
02. Flame Killa - On The Ave
03. The Lox - We're Back
04. Blaq Poet & NYGz - N,H,B
05. Show & AG - Live Hard, Die Hard
06. Joell Ortiz - Solid As A Rock
07. Uncle Murda - Running The City
08. Big Noyd - Ghetto
09. Mobb Deep - That's That (feat. The Alchemist)
10. Evidence - Letyourselfgo Remix (feat. Phonte)
11. Pharoahe Monch - What It IS
12. The Game - My Bitch
13. 50 Cent - Fully Loaded Clip
14. Trife Da God - The World Is A Ghetto
15. Freddie Foxxx - Artwork
16. Special Teamz - I Call
17. Royce Da 5'9" - Hit Em
18. Big City - Stick Em Up (feat. Greg Nice)
19. La Coka Nostra - Where Hope Gets To Die
20. Raekwon - UFO Freestyle

Chillout !

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Intervallum 47 - We Are The Vipers

Smea - High Pigmentation

Just out on TE-records is the LP 'High Pigmentation' by Smea, hip-hop instrumentals from Goteborg. The album contains 10 tracks and features both Prosperous and Porter on one cut. Only out on vinyl.

01. Winterwalk With Lilith
02. We Are The Vipers
03. In The Abyss We Lurk
04. Isa The Dub Cat
05. Freight Train Rust
06. Aerosol Addict
07. Slides How Analyser
08. Completely Paralyzed
09. Cheezecake Dance
10. Just Thrashin

Chillout !

Intervallum 46 - Cin-E-Matic

Louis Logic - Sin-O-Matic

Sin-O-Matic definitely remains worth a listen, however. With a brainy-yet-skewed charisma eerily similar to pre-platinum status Eminem freestyles, Louis is more than able to drop a clever couplet or hysterical punchline every rhyme or two, and even when at it's most stereotypically "indie rap," the disc never loses momentum. Highlights include "Postal," an ode to soul-sucking dayjobs that rides a Dirty South bounce throughout; the freakout Latin guitar on "Diablos;" and "Idiot Gear," an absolutely infectious track which could easilly be a hit single in some alternate universe.

1. Sintro
2. Street Smarts
3. Freak Show
4. Celph Hatred feat. Celph Titled
5. Diablos feat. Celph Titled
6. Dos Factotum
7. Coochie Coup
8. Postal
9. Mischievous
10. Halfway Stretch (Sinterlude)
11. Best Friends feat. Apathy
12. Revenge feat. Celph Titled
13. Fair Weather Fan
14. The Rest
15. The Ugly Truth
16. Idiot Gear
17. Dust To Dust

Chillout !

Intervallum 45 - Great Storyteller

Masta Ace - A Long Hot Summer

This has to go down as one of the best albums ever to hit the shelves. This veteran emcee dropped a great concept cd that was below the mainstream radar. Too bad. I didn't expect too much from this cd. And, at first, the number of skits almost made me not purchase it...but then I realised that they were all part of this concept album that introduced the next song.... The different number of producers almost makes them challenge each other to produce a better track- which Masta Ace benefits very well. No- XXL, MTV or the Source won't mention this: This release is a hip hop classic.

1. Count, The (Interlude)
2. Big City
3. Good Ol' Love
4. Fats Belvedere (Interlude)
5. Da Grind - (with Apocalypse)
6. H.O.O.D.
7. Stoop, The (Interlude)
8. Beautiful
9. F.A.Y. - (with Strick)
10. Fats Crib (Interlude)
11. Soda & Soap - (with Jean Grae)
12. Do It Man - (with Big Noyd)
13. Bklyn Masala - (with Leschea)
14. Proposition, The (Interlude)
15. Travelocity - (with Punch N Words)
16. Ways, The
17. Wutuwankno - (with Edo G.)
18. After Party, The (Interlude)
19. Oh My God - (with The Beatnuts/Rahzel)
20. Cellmate (Interlude)
21. Revelations

Chillout !

Intervallum 44 - Molotov Cocktail

Paris - Sonic Jihad

Here Paris returns with his most pointedly-focused and brutal condemnation of the ills of society to date. Waging righteous warfare (hence the title) on all that he perceives as being wrong with the world in this current political climate of manufactured fear and "War on Terror," he covers such issues as the New World Order, the manmade origins of AIDS, military lies and propaganda, police brutality and the embarrassing state that hip hop is currently in. The first single, "What Would You Do?" has already been a lightning-rod for controversy in the United States, garnering coverage from such notable sources as MTV2, The New York Times and MSNBC for its suggestion that the Bush Administration played a key role in orchestrating the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. And it doesn't stop there -- the album also features progressive hip-hop visionaries Dead Prez, Public Enemy and Kam. Add dancehall sensation Capelton to this already impressive lineup and you have a potent molotov cocktail of an album ready to explode.

1. Ave Bushani
2. Field Nigga Boogie
3. Sheep To The Slaughter
4. Spilt Milk
5. Tear Shit Up
6. Freedom
7. Ain't No Love
8. Lay Low
9. Life Goes On
10. You Know My Name
11. Evil
12. AWOL
13. Agents Of Repression
14. What Would You Do?
15. How We Do
16. Freedom - (The Last Cell remix)

Chillout !

Intervallum 43 - Power Of The Word

Sabac - Sabacolypse

I bought Sabac's debut album with hesitation at first, but had no regrets after listening to it. His cd portays his views and opinions all the while accurately portraying current day issues and solutions. "Urban Gorillas" and "Speak Militant" are just a few of the great songs that states the corruption and opppression in the world. His songs offer a striking view on a better society and brings the truth to light in a creative form. With powerful lyrics and incontrovertible facts, it acts as a message to all people. It is not recommended for children, but for adults and older teens, it will exhume the reality into those whose minds are clouded. The problems, the politics, the oppression: all fall into his work for change.

1. Intro
2. Organize (Solution)
3. Sabacolypse (Truth)
4. Positive (Sabac) Negative (Necro) - Cuts By Dj Eclipse and
Additional Backround Vocals By Cenophia Mitchell (Truth)
5. Revelation 1 feat. Jamal Joseph Of The Black Panther Party
(Spoken Word) (Voice)
6. Protest Music (Militance)
7. Bac's Anthem (Voice)
8. Fight Until The End feat. Immortal Technique and Roosevelt
Phillip (Awareness & Solution)
9. Revelation 2 feat. Jamal Joseph Of The Black Panther Party,
Piano Played By Elliot Thomas (Personal Pie) and Additional
Backround Vocals By Cenophia Mitchell (Spoken Word) (Voice)
10. The Scientist (Aids) - Statistics By Q-Unique (Awareness)
11. P.O.W.'S feat. Mr. Hyde, Necro, Goretex, Sabac and ILL BiLL
12. Vinyl (Bacapella) (Voice)
13. Unsolved Mysteries (Vision)
14. Revelation 3 feat. Jamal Joseph Of The Black Panther Party,
Piano Played By Elliot Thomas (Personal Glover) & Additional
Backround Vocals By Cenophia Mitchell (Spoken Word) (Voice)
15. A Change Gon' Come feat. Antwon Lamar Robinson and Necro
Playing Fender Jazz Bass (Truth & Solution)
16. Urban Gorillas feat. Vinny Paz Of Jedi Mind Tricks and Q-Unique
(Truth & Militance)
17. Speak Militant - Cuts By Dj Eclipse (Militance)
18. Freestyle Freedom feat. Necro Live On Fender Jazz Bass, Elliot
Thomas (Junkyard Cosby) Live On Congas & Additional Backround
Vocals By Cenophia Mitchell (Freestyle Jam & Spoken Word) (Voice)
19. I Have A Dream feat. Dash Mihok and Cenophia Mitchell (Vision)
20. A Change Gon' Come (Militant Metal Mix)

Chillout !

Friday, 18 May 2007

Intervallum 42 - The True Virtuoso

Louis Armstrong - The Love Songs

Louis was probably the most famous black man in the world in the 50's, a title he lost to Muhammad Ali by the late 60's. But unlike Ali, Armstrong became a celebrity by making people feel good, rather than by challenging them politically, religiously and physically. It is hard to imagine listening to this CD for 54 minutes and not being happier than when one started.

01 Im Confessin that I Love You 03:23
02 Everybody Loves My Baby 02:35
03 I Cant Give You Anything But Love 03:33
04 All of Me 03:02
05 On the Sentimental Side 02:25
06 Honeysuckle Rose 03:57
07 Baby Wont You Please Come Here 03:20
08 Aint Misbehavin 03:17
09 I Want A Little Girl 03:02
10 My Sweet Hunk Otrash 03:04
11 Something Tells Me 02:32
12 Baby Dont You Cry 02:56
13 Keepin Out of Mischief Now 03:37
14 Cherry 02:50
15 Body and Soul 03:21
16 Our Monday Date 02:29
17 Endie 02:52
18 I Never Knew 02:46

Chillout !

Intervallum 41 - Throw Your Hands Up

Skill Mega - Normal Magic

Skill Mega were formed early in 2004 when London based rappers Reps and Dan Fresh (of Brighton's legendary Lost Souls, Janomi records) began working on a project with Bournemouth DJ Rod Dixon for the fledgling label Cryogenics (Double D Dagger, The IRS , Usmaan) alongside producer Peepin' Tom. A chance encounter between Rod and Polish Super producer OSTR in a Bournemouth record shop culminated in a collaboration on Cryogenincs -Bitter Blocker EP which also featured Lost Souls emcees Uncle Dickie and Witchdocter Wise and jazz singer Amanda Stevens. A short tour of Poland and numerous UK dates soon followed and Skill Mega spent the following year cultivating new songs for their debut album, occasionally playing out in Poland and popping up for a quick cameo alongside Tame One on OSTR's critically acclaimed '7' album. By the tail end of 2006 Skill Mega's debut Album 'Normal Magic' was finally finished, incorporating the talents of the three main Megas alongside Uncle Dickie, Witchdocter Wise, Amanda Stevens and Zebra Traffic's rising star Rup the Cnut. The release date in Poland is May 16th 2007.

1. Normal Magic
2. Throw Your Hands Up feat Rup
3. Don’t Look Down
4. Skill Mega Disco feat. Amanda Stevens
5. Let Me Down
6. RodMega
7. Breathe In (No Boundaries)
8. Lateshift
9. My Spot feat. Amanda Stevens
10. Giving Up the World
11. Gardening (remix)

Chillout !

Monday, 7 May 2007

Intervallum 40 - Throwback To The Olden Days Of Emceeing

Substantial - To This Union A Sun Was Born

Substantial is another emcee who has definitely paid his dues - from teaming up with Pack FM to open for Heltah Skeltah and Slick Rick, to winning various emcee battle tournaments, to featuring on the “Game Over 2″ compilation alongside such luminaries as KRS, Kane, and Masta Ace - its plain to see that he has put in a lot of hard work. He’s also followed in the footsteps of UK emcee Funky DL, by being one of the few rappers to successfully forge a name for himself in Japan. In fact, this very album outsold albums from Ja-Rule, DMX, Jermaine Dupri, Faith Evans and Angie Stone last year in the far east, and now, with the imminent US release of “To This Union…”, Substantial is hoping to finally break into the home market…

1 Intro (1:15)
2 Substance (3:57)
3 Cim (3:26)
4 More Than A Game (3:53)
5 Somebody Stole My Shit (3:08)
6 If I Was Your Mic (5:08)
7 Home Sweet Home (3:48)
8 Kalitwutchawon2 (3:16)
9 Be People (4:08)
10 Love Song (4:12)
11 Bananas (3:14)
12 Remembering Dave (3:55)
13 Ain't No Happy Endings (9:04)
14 If I Was Your Mic (DJ Kiyo Remix) (5:07)

Chillout !

Intervallum 39 - It Takes You To A Different Place

Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain

You might expect the debut album from a woman who has collaborated extensively with Tricky and Orbital to be both wondrous and strange--and you'd be right to. What you might not expect is the depth of Alison Goldfrapp's beguiling, distracting 21st-century noir visions on Felt Mountain. She and her fellow composer Will Gregory can mix in Brechtian cabaret; classical instrumentation; left-of-field electronics; decadent, Gainsbourg-style French pop; and the odd piece of whistling on just one track ("Felt Mountain"). "Oompa Radar" almost reaches Tom Waits heights of infamy, the way familiar instruments come together in such a simultaneously comforting and alienating style. The baroque "Paper Bag," meanwhile, uncannily recalls Joe Meek's toy-town visions of 1960s grandeur. All this and a seductive vocal to die for.

1. Lovely Head
2. Paper Bag
3. Human
4. Pilots
5. Deer Stop
6. Felt Mountain
7. Oompa Radar
8. Utopia
9. Horse Tears

Chillout !

Intervallum 38 - Mix Of Styles

Dub Incorporation - Diversite

Dub Incorporation is a reggae band from Saint-Étienne, France together since 1997. They combine a range of styles, including dancehall, dub, ska and even rap and hip-hop. Their music is also influences by African and Arab music with their songs being sung in a mixture of French, English, Arabic and Kabyle.

1. My Freestyle
2. Visions
3. Life feat Tiken Jah
4. Rude Boy
5. Murderer
6. Holy Mount
7. Galérer
8. L'échiquier
9. I'n'I Soldier
10. Ecran Total
11. Diversité
12. See Di Youth

Chillout !

Friday, 4 May 2007

Intervallum 37 - It's Logical To Be A Psycho

Necro - I Need Drugs

This album was the first Psycho+Logical Records album, so I wasn't expecting it to be as good as his other stuff, because he wouldn't have had as much money making this album, so I thought the production would have been a bit sloppy, but the production is excellent. More people need to start recognizing Necro. Necro is a genious when it comes to beats and his lyrics are smart and witty, yet violent. I highly recommend this album to any fans of underground hip hop.

1. The Most Sadistic
2. Hoe Blow
3. I Need Drugs
4. Your Fucking Head Split
5. Your Dead
6. Get on Your Knees
7. Rugged Shit
8. I'm Sick of You
9. Cockroaches
10. Fuck You to the Track
11. Burn the Groove to Death (Nail 'Em to the Cross)
12. Underground
13. S.T.D.
14. WKCR 89.9 Freestyle 4/20/2000
15. Wnyu 89.1 X-Mas Freestyle 12/23/1999
16. Wnyu 89.1 Freestyle 5/10/2000

Chillout !

Monday, 30 April 2007

Intervallum 36 - Solid, Hard, Heavy

Chief Kamachi - Cult Status

You are tired of Philly MCs sounding the same, with nothing to say? Kamachi is pretty refreshing. This is a very good first album. Unfortunately, it may not initially get the shine it deserves for the lack of jiggy-ness and blood-n-guts gangsta. Beats are hot and lyrics are on point. "...war scars mark your face, I'm the bomb like a Middle Eastern marketplace". That's nizzice...

1. 1st Lecture
2. Show Me Proof
3. The Edge
4. This Man
5. The Best - (with Guru)
6. Queen
7. Time Out
8. Liberated Wax
9. Peddlin' Music
10. Hating On My Halo
11. What You Doin' - (with Mr. Eon)
12. #13 - (with Reef The Lost Cauze)
13. Still Searching

Chillout !

Intervallum 35 - Suspended In Time

Group Home - Livin' Proof

In the early to mid-90's, DJ Premier could do no wrong. Building on his legendary production work on Gang Starr's "Daily Operation" (1992) and "Hard to Earn" (1994), Jeru's classic "The Sun Rises In the East" (1994), and Nas' seminal "Illmatic" (1994), he released perhaps his last classic effort with Group Home's "Livin' Proof". Lil' Dap and Melachi the Nutcracker were the last of the Gang Starr Foundation to release a record (Big Shug was also member, but he seemed to get lost in the shuffle), and it seems that Primo kept some of his best beats for last. Songs like "Supastar", "Tha Realness", "Suspended In Time", and "Livin' Proof" prove that nobody could touch him in the arena of gritty NYC boom-bap.

1. Intro
2. Inna Citi Life
3. Livin' Proof
4. Serious Rap Shit
5. Suspended In Time
6. Sacrifice
7. Up Against The Wal
8. 4 Give My Sins
9. Baby Pa
10. 2 Thousand
11. Supa Star
12. Up Against Tha Wall
13. Tha Realness

Chillout !

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Intervallum 34 - Totally Groovy & Mellow

Madlib - Shades Of Blue

This is one of, no probably THE best album I heard in years. For years i've been listening to hip-hop and I can't get rid of the feeling it is over and over the same. This album is a great fusion of jazz and my much loved hip-hop rythms. Everybody who would like more innovation in hiphop should listen to this. Jazzmatazz is a joke compared to this.

1. Introduction
2. Slim's Return
3. Distant Land (Hip Hop Drum Mix)
4. Mystic Bounce
5. Stormy
6. Blue Note Interlude
7. Please Set Me At Ease
8. Funky Blue Note
9. Alfred Lion Interlude
10. Steppin' Into Tomorrow
11. Andrew Hill Break
12. Montara
13. Song For My Father
14. Footprints - Yesterdays New Quintet
15. Peace/Dolphin Dance
16. Outro

Chillout !