Monday, 30 April 2007

Intervallum 36 - Solid, Hard, Heavy

Chief Kamachi - Cult Status

You are tired of Philly MCs sounding the same, with nothing to say? Kamachi is pretty refreshing. This is a very good first album. Unfortunately, it may not initially get the shine it deserves for the lack of jiggy-ness and blood-n-guts gangsta. Beats are hot and lyrics are on point. "...war scars mark your face, I'm the bomb like a Middle Eastern marketplace". That's nizzice...

1. 1st Lecture
2. Show Me Proof
3. The Edge
4. This Man
5. The Best - (with Guru)
6. Queen
7. Time Out
8. Liberated Wax
9. Peddlin' Music
10. Hating On My Halo
11. What You Doin' - (with Mr. Eon)
12. #13 - (with Reef The Lost Cauze)
13. Still Searching

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Intervallum 35 - Suspended In Time

Group Home - Livin' Proof

In the early to mid-90's, DJ Premier could do no wrong. Building on his legendary production work on Gang Starr's "Daily Operation" (1992) and "Hard to Earn" (1994), Jeru's classic "The Sun Rises In the East" (1994), and Nas' seminal "Illmatic" (1994), he released perhaps his last classic effort with Group Home's "Livin' Proof". Lil' Dap and Melachi the Nutcracker were the last of the Gang Starr Foundation to release a record (Big Shug was also member, but he seemed to get lost in the shuffle), and it seems that Primo kept some of his best beats for last. Songs like "Supastar", "Tha Realness", "Suspended In Time", and "Livin' Proof" prove that nobody could touch him in the arena of gritty NYC boom-bap.

1. Intro
2. Inna Citi Life
3. Livin' Proof
4. Serious Rap Shit
5. Suspended In Time
6. Sacrifice
7. Up Against The Wal
8. 4 Give My Sins
9. Baby Pa
10. 2 Thousand
11. Supa Star
12. Up Against Tha Wall
13. Tha Realness

Chillout !

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Intervallum 34 - Totally Groovy & Mellow

Madlib - Shades Of Blue

This is one of, no probably THE best album I heard in years. For years i've been listening to hip-hop and I can't get rid of the feeling it is over and over the same. This album is a great fusion of jazz and my much loved hip-hop rythms. Everybody who would like more innovation in hiphop should listen to this. Jazzmatazz is a joke compared to this.

1. Introduction
2. Slim's Return
3. Distant Land (Hip Hop Drum Mix)
4. Mystic Bounce
5. Stormy
6. Blue Note Interlude
7. Please Set Me At Ease
8. Funky Blue Note
9. Alfred Lion Interlude
10. Steppin' Into Tomorrow
11. Andrew Hill Break
12. Montara
13. Song For My Father
14. Footprints - Yesterdays New Quintet
15. Peace/Dolphin Dance
16. Outro

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Friday, 27 April 2007

Intervallum 33 - An Initiation Through Pure Sound

His Divine Grace - Le Grand Secret

Inspired by the works of the Traditionalists and the lives and deaths of Sekens Murdock and Leontin V. Abilgaard, Moonchild Erik’s fourth CD album “Le Grand Secret” (The Great Secret) takes the shape of a metaphysical reflection on the deceptions of human language, in which Murdock and Abilgaard saw the main cause for the world of confusion we live in. A thorough study of linguistic philosophy is not required to enjoy the CD but curious listeners may be tempted to learn more about this philosophical domain that has driven many of its proponents to insanity or suicidal. His Divine Grace is the type of electronic music that I covet.

01 Les chevaux de feu (9:20)
02 Les gardiens du grand secret (4:43)
03 Verbum, lux et vita (4:30)
04 Le voile levé (6:57)
05 De la nécessité de se taire (5:59)
06 Frayeurs initiatiques (5:09)
07 Pourquoi... toujours pourquoi (6:12)
08 L'opposition tacite (4:39)
09 Le quatre-heure de cristal (5:48)
10 Le principe immuable (16:47)

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Thursday, 26 April 2007

Intervallum 32 - Soundcatchers

DJ Vadim - The Sound Catcher

His first full-length project since 2005's critically acclaimed supergroup release One Self, DJ Vadim's BBE debut The Sound Catcher is everything you've come to expect from the DJ/producer/musical incendiary: unpredicatable, varied and ambitious.
His definitive work to date, the seventeen-track set sees the former Jazz Fudge head and longtime Ninja Tune artist throwing formality out the window and following his own path and plan. Present are straight shots of soul ('Black Is The Night' f/ Kathrin DeBoer), charged MC-driven wake-up calls ('Ballistic Affairs' f/ Skinnyman) and dense, dubby instrumentals ('Manchester'; 'SD4'). The dark grooves of 'Talk To Me' reference Gwen McCrae's '90% Of Me Is You'; 'Fear' and 'Watch That Sound' delve into reggae whilst classic rap informs 'Got To Rock' and the sly, infectious 'Soundcatchers' with stalwart West Coast MC Abstract Rude.
Throw in the mystical Timbaland-esque 'Like The Wind' and the deep, slow burn of 'Sufferin' Blues' and it adds up to a wholly fulfilling seventy minute experience. Stylistically leagues away from drab contemporary rap, The Sound Catcher is a bold and winning hybrid of 21st century hip-hop.

01. Intro
02. Fear Feats feat. Emo and Syrus
03. Talk To Me feat. Sena
04. They Say feat. Diane
05. Soundcatchers feat. Abstract Rude
06. Manchester
07. Kill Kill Kill feat. Big Red and Kathrin DeBoer
08. Milwaukee
09. Like The Wind feat. Deuce Eclipse
10. Black Is The Night feat. Katherin DeBoer
11. Got To Rock feat. Zion
12. Theme To Big Willy Dee
13. Ballistic Affairs feat. Skinny Man and Sena
14. Sufferin' Blues feat. Jill Green
15. Bathe In Bleach
16. SD4
17. Watch That Sound feat. Emo

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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Intervallum 31 - Brooklyn Again

Boot Camp Clik - Still For The People

1. 1-900 Get Da Boot
2. Down By Law
3. Night Riders
4. Headz Are Reddee Pt.II
5. Watch Your Step
6. Illa Noyz
7. Rag Time
8. Blackout
9. Ohkeedoke
10. Rugged Terrain
11. The Dugout
12. Go For Yours
13. Likkle Youth Man
14. Last Time

Chillout !

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Intervallum 30 - La Vie Est Belle

MC Solaar - Mach 6 [Bonus CD]

1. La Vie Est Belle (Instrumental) (3:55)
2. T'Inquie`te ! (Instrumental) (4:02)
3. Jumelles (Instrumental) (3:48)
4. Au Pays De Gandhi (Instrumental) (3:35)
5. Sauvez Le Monde (Instrumental) (5:17)
6. Ca Me Hante (Instrumental) (7:47)
7. Souvenir (Dark Club Remix) (2:42)
8. La Vie Est Belle (Version Symphonique) (4:29)
9. La Vie Est Belle (Version Internet) (2:06)

Chillout !

Intervallum 29 - Trapped By Paranoia

Shitao's - Nocturnal Tales

33 minutes with monsters, ghosts, creaking doors, creepy landscapes... I hope you'll like it.

01. Creatures
02. We're Residents
03. Dreaming Of Space
04. Mechanical Hope
05. Sea Skit
06. Wandering Words
07. Oral Myths
08. Shadow's Flash
09. Preludes And Nocturnes
10. Stars Skit
11. An Endless Drawing
12. Trapped By Paranoia
13. Queastion
14. When The Light Beneath Your Door Fades..
15. Water Ghost
16. The Soul Box Skit
17. The Nameless City
18. Shell Beach Memories

Chillout !

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Intervallum 28 - From Sweden To Your Ears

Soul Supreme - The Saturday Nite Agenda

Much of the music on here is really good, and gives you a couple of backflashes to the years when it was just better. But little is really able to hang with the classic material from back then, what is the music that you're still listening to right now. Thus the comparison is an uphill battle. Still, "The Saturday Nite Agenda" is retro in the best of ways, it's current in better ways than current music, it's good, it should excite you, and it's hopefully only the first of many more installments.

1. Future Flavas - (with A.G. feat. Party Arty)
2. Message, The - (with KRS One feat Shuman)
3. Respect Life - (featuring The Electric Co.)
4. All In Together - (with L da Headtoucha)
5. Hardcore Shit - (with Planet Asia, Rasco feat An Ion: The Transitional)
6. Still Searchin' - (featuring Reks & Noel)
7. Queen (Hip-Hop) - (AG & T-Max, featuring Pete Rock)
8. Come Get It - (with Big Daddy Kane feat Checkmark & DJ Revolution)
9. Need, The (I Need You) - (with L da Headtoucha)
10. Worst Nightmare - (with OC feat. Kai)
11. Security - (featuring Shuman)
12. TSNA - (featuring AG)

Chillout !

Intervallum 27 - Sleep Thieves

Jazz Fudge - The Isolationist

1. Intro
2. Settle Down (We Rap So Fresh)
3. Word From Our Sponsor
4. Hydrogen Slush
5. Sensory Deprivation
6. Rocket
7. Mechanic Robotic
8. MD 81
9. Sleep Thieves
10. Masters Of the Scratch
11. Human Resource Activation Message
12. Lazer Tooth
13. Mysterious Hand
14. Timeless Void [Remix]
15. Ideation
16. Insular Outcasts
17. Timeless Void
18. Actuator's
19. Outro

Chillout !

Intervallum 26 - After Death But Music Is Undying

Miles Davis - Doo-Bop

With his very last project, DOO-BOP, trumpeter Miles Davis brought a fitting, if not exactly earth-shattering, conclusion to four and a half decades of forward-looking music by incorporating the commercially - and, perhaps, culturally - ascendant sounds of rap into his boundless conceptual universe. While few if any fans would be likely to rank this album (which was, alas, patched together posthumously) among Miles' classics, the Maestro could still blow a mean horn even in his final days, and there's plenty here worth listening to despite the distracting hip-hop overlays on a few tracks and lots of programmed percussion throughout. Granted, DOO-BOP might well have proven a worthier coda to jazz's most important postwar career had the artist himself lived to assemble it; but even as is it's among the better post-1980 Davis efforts and a good place for rap enthusiasts to begin the journey into jazz.

1. Mystery
2. The Doo Bop Song
3. Chocolate Chip
4. High Speed Chase
5. Blow
6. Sonya
7. Fantasy
8. Duke Booty
9. Mystery (Reprise)

Chillout !

Intervallum 25 - Musical Katharsis

Symbolyc One - The Liquid Soul Remix Album Vol. 1

Only Few Words At This Time - That Album Is The Perfect Mixture Of A Soft Beats And Incredible Lyrics, Ideal For Chill

01-Liquid Soul-tro ( ft. Dee, Javohn )
02-For All the Girls ( ft. Free Agents )
03-Delirium ( ft. Bavu Blakes )
04-Dotted Line ( ft. The Strange Fruit Project )
05-So Confused - Dow Jones
06-Play the Role ( ft. Bavu Blakes )
07-Throw Ya Hands Up ( ft. Verbal Seed )
08-Callin ( ft. S'ence )
09-U&I ( ft. Mental Chaos )
10-Declaration of Independatz ( ft. K-otix )
11-Mo' Money ( ft. Waco Boys )
12-Recreate ( ft. Lysoul, The Strange Fruit Project )
13-Adjust ( ft. Verbal Seed )
14-Gotta Lotta ( ft. The Strange Fruit Project )
15-Street Values ( ft. Mony Mone )
16-Infactuated II ( ft. Deloach )
17-Luv Is ( ft. The Strange Fruit Project )

Chillout !

Friday, 6 April 2007

Intervallum 24 - His Name Is Hochii

Hochii - Bullets Through The Speaker

01 03:18 Bullets Through The Speaker
02 03:39 Check My Resume
03 03:47 They Know (Ft. Trek Life)
04 04:03 Beef (Ft. Puba Don and Ariano)
05 03:54 You Know Me
06 04:09 Fresh Coast (Ft. 2mex and Ariano)
07 02:48 One To Drink Two
08 03:23 Ugly Stick
09 03:40 The Ballad Of Jimmy Dutches (Ft. LMNO)
10 03:16 That Sound (Ft. Sean Price Of Boot Camp Click)
11 03:37 All Donald Wanted
12 03:20 Block To Block (Ft. Casual)
13 03:42 Death Is A Bitch (Ft. RBX)
14 03:14 Pool Party
15 03:51 Do You Remember (Ft. LMNO)
16 03:51 Bullshit Career

Chillout !

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Intervallum 23 - Under Street Lights

Rob The Viking - Beats To Pillage And Conquer By

You won't find commercial beats on this disc. These are the sickest beats out. I am a fan of battle axe and his production is probably the main reason why. They do have some good emcees but he probably is the most consistent with his workbecause he comes through every track and has the ability to make the worst emcee shine just because of his production. If you are into underground hip hop, this is the tightest thing you can buy. Its a must for all the Djs.

1. Let My Record Rotate
2. Go For Mine
3. The Reflection
4. Fist Full Of Beats
5. Under Street Lights
6. Glock & A Dream
7. She's Always Right
8. Faze
9. Smokin In Here
10. Planet Alignment
11. With Meaning (Remix)
12. Summer Lightning
13. Stop Biting
14. Shadowfax
15. Move It Up

Chillout !

Intervallum 22 - Six Days Of Josh Davis

DJ Shadow - The Private Press

Now, a full six years later after ENTRODUCING, he's back with a follow-up that is every bit as impressive as his debut, albeit in a different way. Once again, the producer has pushed his sampler to the limits, but this time he's brought with it a deeper, hungrier, more bad-ass spirit that's rarely found in modern dance music. There's a fabulous '80s vibe throughout (principally on tracks like "Monosylabik" and "You Can't Go Home Again"), along with the expected forays into b-boy culture (check the growling, massive "Treach Battle Break" and the funky-ass "Mashin' on the Motorway"). While it's identifiably Shadow, it ain't Endtroducing...Part 2. It is, however, a worthy and imaginative follow-up, with humor, wisdom, and musical understanding aplenty.

1. Letter From Home
2. Fixed Income
3. Un Autre Introduction
4. Walkie Talkie
5. Giving Up The Ghost
6. Six Days
7. Mongrel...
8. ...Meets His Maker
9. Right Thing/GDMFSOB
10. Monosylabic
11. Mashin On The Motorway
12. Blood On The Motorway
13. You Can't Go Home Again
14. Letter From Home

Chillout !

Intervallum 21 - Queensbridge Projects

Tragedy Khadafi - Still Reportin

"Some say that I'm weak, some label me a genius
My mind's deep, get up in you like a intravenous
Diseases, too many of us thinkin' with our penis
killin' the bloodline, the seeds is anemic
Abortions could've killed off the next leader
Aura check, step your game up, the seeds need us"

1. Still Reporting
2. Neva Die Alone Pt. 2
3. The Code
4. Hood
5. Hood Love
6. The Message (Aura Check)
7. Wake The Dead (Black Aura Skit)
8. Walk Wit Me (911)
9. U Make Me
10. The Truth
11. Fall Back
12. Can't Figure
13. Eloheem
14. Crying On The Inside
15. Bonus Track

Chillout !

Intervallum 20 - Sultry Jazzy Night

Nicknack - Improving Silence

"Improving Silence" can best be described as a combination of jazz and hip hop. The result is a sultry, soulful downtempo instrumental sound that is sure to move you whether you like jazz, hip hop, soul, r&b or downtempo electronica. The album is a solid 60 minutes of quality music which features a stellar cast of guest appearances such as Laura Scarborough (vocals and wurlitzer), Mike Malone (sax), Ephraim Owens (trumpet), Brannen Temple (drums) and D Madness (electric bass). See what everyone is saying:
"I can't figure out if I'm listening to a new 12" or some classic Bob James ish."

1 Improving Silence
2 Mustard Seed
3 Simple Shortcomings
4 Wind Parade
5 Fighting Facts
6 In Hind Sight
7 Soul Nourishment
8 Human Experience
9 Suitable Modulation
10 Salt of the Earth
11 Edify
12 Root to the Fruit

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