Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Intervallum 23 - Under Street Lights

Rob The Viking - Beats To Pillage And Conquer By

You won't find commercial beats on this disc. These are the sickest beats out. I am a fan of battle axe and his production is probably the main reason why. They do have some good emcees but he probably is the most consistent with his workbecause he comes through every track and has the ability to make the worst emcee shine just because of his production. If you are into underground hip hop, this is the tightest thing you can buy. Its a must for all the Djs.

1. Let My Record Rotate
2. Go For Mine
3. The Reflection
4. Fist Full Of Beats
5. Under Street Lights
6. Glock & A Dream
7. She's Always Right
8. Faze
9. Smokin In Here
10. Planet Alignment
11. With Meaning (Remix)
12. Summer Lightning
13. Stop Biting
14. Shadowfax
15. Move It Up

Chillout !