Sunday, 29 April 2007

Intervallum 34 - Totally Groovy & Mellow

Madlib - Shades Of Blue

This is one of, no probably THE best album I heard in years. For years i've been listening to hip-hop and I can't get rid of the feeling it is over and over the same. This album is a great fusion of jazz and my much loved hip-hop rythms. Everybody who would like more innovation in hiphop should listen to this. Jazzmatazz is a joke compared to this.

1. Introduction
2. Slim's Return
3. Distant Land (Hip Hop Drum Mix)
4. Mystic Bounce
5. Stormy
6. Blue Note Interlude
7. Please Set Me At Ease
8. Funky Blue Note
9. Alfred Lion Interlude
10. Steppin' Into Tomorrow
11. Andrew Hill Break
12. Montara
13. Song For My Father
14. Footprints - Yesterdays New Quintet
15. Peace/Dolphin Dance
16. Outro

Chillout !