Thursday, 12 April 2007

Intervallum 28 - From Sweden To Your Ears

Soul Supreme - The Saturday Nite Agenda

Much of the music on here is really good, and gives you a couple of backflashes to the years when it was just better. But little is really able to hang with the classic material from back then, what is the music that you're still listening to right now. Thus the comparison is an uphill battle. Still, "The Saturday Nite Agenda" is retro in the best of ways, it's current in better ways than current music, it's good, it should excite you, and it's hopefully only the first of many more installments.

1. Future Flavas - (with A.G. feat. Party Arty)
2. Message, The - (with KRS One feat Shuman)
3. Respect Life - (featuring The Electric Co.)
4. All In Together - (with L da Headtoucha)
5. Hardcore Shit - (with Planet Asia, Rasco feat An Ion: The Transitional)
6. Still Searchin' - (featuring Reks & Noel)
7. Queen (Hip-Hop) - (AG & T-Max, featuring Pete Rock)
8. Come Get It - (with Big Daddy Kane feat Checkmark & DJ Revolution)
9. Need, The (I Need You) - (with L da Headtoucha)
10. Worst Nightmare - (with OC feat. Kai)
11. Security - (featuring Shuman)
12. TSNA - (featuring AG)

Chillout !