Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Intervallum 21 - Queensbridge Projects

Tragedy Khadafi - Still Reportin

"Some say that I'm weak, some label me a genius
My mind's deep, get up in you like a intravenous
Diseases, too many of us thinkin' with our penis
killin' the bloodline, the seeds is anemic
Abortions could've killed off the next leader
Aura check, step your game up, the seeds need us"

1. Still Reporting
2. Neva Die Alone Pt. 2
3. The Code
4. Hood
5. Hood Love
6. The Message (Aura Check)
7. Wake The Dead (Black Aura Skit)
8. Walk Wit Me (911)
9. U Make Me
10. The Truth
11. Fall Back
12. Can't Figure
13. Eloheem
14. Crying On The Inside
15. Bonus Track

Chillout !