Friday, 27 April 2007

Intervallum 33 - An Initiation Through Pure Sound

His Divine Grace - Le Grand Secret

Inspired by the works of the Traditionalists and the lives and deaths of Sekens Murdock and Leontin V. Abilgaard, Moonchild Erik’s fourth CD album “Le Grand Secret” (The Great Secret) takes the shape of a metaphysical reflection on the deceptions of human language, in which Murdock and Abilgaard saw the main cause for the world of confusion we live in. A thorough study of linguistic philosophy is not required to enjoy the CD but curious listeners may be tempted to learn more about this philosophical domain that has driven many of its proponents to insanity or suicidal. His Divine Grace is the type of electronic music that I covet.

01 Les chevaux de feu (9:20)
02 Les gardiens du grand secret (4:43)
03 Verbum, lux et vita (4:30)
04 Le voile levé (6:57)
05 De la nécessité de se taire (5:59)
06 Frayeurs initiatiques (5:09)
07 Pourquoi... toujours pourquoi (6:12)
08 L'opposition tacite (4:39)
09 Le quatre-heure de cristal (5:48)
10 Le principe immuable (16:47)

Chillout !