Saturday, 21 July 2007

Intervallum 57 - Silent Assassin

Hitman 3 - Soundtrack

All the Hitman games have been scored wonderfully by Jesper Kyd. This is one of the best game soundtracks that I've ever heard. Each track is rich and beautifully dark. I usually don't enjoy music of this genre, but the darkness and dynamics of this album has placed it among my favorites. Overall, a fantastic score that sucks you in from the first track. Individual tracks all have something interesting to offer, even if you've listened to the CD many times. This soundtrack is worth having in any collection; it's far better than many big-budget movies have been able to accomplish.

01. White Room & Main Title
02. SWAT Team
03. Hong Kong Underground
04. Slaughter Club
05. Streets of Hong Kong
06. Double Ballers
07. Winter Nights
08. Weapon Select Beats
09. 47 Detected
10. Invader
11. Slaughterhouse
12. Sanitarium
13. Budapest Bath Hotel

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Intervallum 56 - Heart Of Darkness

Tears Of The Sun - Soundtrack

With all of Zimmer's music, you are there, not at the concert but in the field. The main theme is inspirational, and is heard best in tracks three (on strings), six (with a male choir and Lisa Gerard), and especially track ten (as a joyous song celebration led by Lebo M with an African choir). Also impressive is the action piece heard in track nine, a relentlessly agressive epic that's preceded by a lovely and (much as I hate to use this cliched word) haunting orchestral prelude accompanied by Gerard's voice. There are parts of "Tears of the Sun" that may sound harsh to the ears on a first listen, but this is an album that you can't help but appreciate and admire, whether or not you like it.

1. Yekeleni Part 1/Mia's Lullabye
2. Heart Of Darkness
3. Small Piece For Doumbek And Strings/Kopano Part 1
4. Under The Forest Calm
5. Yekeleni Part II/Carnage
6. Kopano Part II
7. Night
8. Cry In Silence
9. The Jablonsky Variations On A Theme By HZ/Cameroon Border Post
10. The Journey/Kopano Part III

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Intervallum 55 - I Feel Good !

Figgkidd - Figgkidd

Figgkidd is an Australian hip-hop artist (Sydney). His debut album "What Is Figgkidd" was released through a collaboration between Sony Music and the independent label Unda K9. Recorded in the United States, it was mastered by Segal who was also responsible for mastering such albums as Jay-Z's The Blueprint and Eminem's Slim Shady LP. The album's lead single, "I Gotta Know", featured a collaboration with American-born emcee Tech N9ne. Now he is back with new tracks features Proof of D12, James Brown, Rakaa of Dilated Peoples and others.

01. Feel Good 04:24
02. Rewind (Feat. Bishop) 03:25
03. Rent 05:13
(Feat. Rakaa from Dilated Peoples, Static &
and Natt II (Denmark))
04. I Am Who I Am (Feat. Braille (NY)) 04:58
05. My People (Feat. Carmen Smith) 04:19
06. Lights Go Out 03:10
07. Work that Shhh! (Feat. Jade Mccrae) 03:10
08. Love & Understanding 04:44
(Feat. Proof from D12, Bishop & Neho)
09. Push 03:48
10. For You (Feat. Veronica Martinez) 04:05
11. Get Your Kicks 03:30
12. Appreciation (Feat. Veronica Martinez) 03:52

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Intervallum 54 - Hottest Newcomer In The Industry

Rugged Intellect - Renaissance Music: The Introduction

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Rugged's multi-lingualism combined with his multisyllabic, relentless rhyme schemes position him as a unique voice in the hiphop industry. Production is handled by Domingo, Buckwild (DITC), Memo (Molemen), Montreal's Apokalyptik and Executive Producer Adam Sampler. The album was given 3.5 MICS in THE SOURCE MAGAZINE (May 2007), quite an accomplishment for an independent new artist with no major label backing.

01. Blindtitel
01. Introduction
02. It Is What It Is
03. Say Goodbye
04. Guaranteed feat. Rock (Heltah Skeltah)
05. Biter's Block
06. DBA feat. RA The Rugged Man
07. Gonna Move
08. Life I Love
09. All Fair feat. Kool G Rap
10. By Any Means
11. Break 'Em Off
12. Next Dose feat. Ras Kass
13. Interlude
14. Real Recognize Real
15. Like That feat. AG (D.I.T.C.)
16. Truth and Consequences
17. Bonus Track: Biters Block Remix
18. Bonus Track: Say Goodbye Remix feat. Sean Price, Party Arty (DITC), Rustee Juxx (Boot Camp) & Solomon Childs (Wu-Tang)

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Intervallum 53 - Hip Hop Beacon In L.A.

The Chapter - The Prewreckwizit

Verbal E and 360 return as THE CHAPTER, Las Vegas's own live instrumentated hip-hop act, after their critically acclaimed debut album, "Us Vs. Them". First noticed by ?uestlove of The Roots, The Chapter were picked as the first new act for Okay Player's True Notes Vol. 1 compilation in 2004. The new CD includes guest appearances from Supastition, Darien Brockington (Hall of Justus), Mr. Complex, and E-Dot.

1. "A Terrible Thing"
2. "The 24"
3. "The Chapter"
4. "Star Gazing (feat. Scene)"
5. "Landuvbrokenglish Pt. 1, 2, 3 (feat. E-Dot)"
6. "PolySci (feat. Therapy)"
7. "Supaclaps" (feat. Supastition)
8. "Student Union" (feat. Mr. Complex/E-Dot)
9. "Screwface"
10. "On Ten"
11. "SchoolBoyCrushin'" (feat. Darien Brockington)
12. "Cla'ence Jo"
13. "Economics"
14. "ScoolYrdBuly"

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Intervallum 52 - Hip Hop Vive

Tres Coronas - Street Album

100 % Pure Colombian Flavour !

01. Mas Fuerte
02. A Criticarme
03. Bang Bang!
04. Fake Records
05. Las 5 Reglas Ft. Macko
06. Ya Olvidar
07. Otra Historia
08. Entremos Al Party
09. Venenosas
10. New York Ft. Sergio Veneno
11. No Es Real Ft. Chavito
12. Para Los Que Entienden Ft. Eye-N-See
13. Princesa
14. Mi Tumbao Remix Ft. Michael Stuart
15. Asi Es
16. Nacho Latino

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Saturday, 7 July 2007

Intervallum 51 - They're Inspirational

Sweatshop Union - Local.604

What do you want? Talented rapping? It's Here. Talented writing? It's here. A variety of beats? Got it. Quality production all around? Sweatshop. Wait, you mean you get all this and a positive message? These guys are actually rapping about something? Not just guns, drugs, and girls? Wow. How can you not love this CD? These guys are solid. It's got a bit of everything. Want some mellow, layed out, chill tracks? Some in here. Want some pumped up energizers? So check this !

01. Nothing Makes Sense 2:32
02. Union Dues 3:10
03. Feelin' Alright 3:15
04. The Humans' Race 4:14
05. President's Choice 3:34
06. Don't Mind Us 3:36
07. Blue Collar Ballad 3:50
08. All I Know 3:35
09. Dirty Work 5:31
10. The Truth We Speak 3:23
11. Little Things 3:53
12. Prose & Cons 4:11
13. A Wrinkle In Time 2:53
14. Breath 2:37
15. Labour Pains 4:16
16. The Revolution 5:06
17. Ascend 4:44
18. ... 4:25

Chillout !

Intervallum 50 - Dark Riders

V/A - Lyrics Of Fury

"Lyrics of Fury" is a mixtape-style cd released through a Battle Axe subsidary called Underworld Records showcasing the Battle Axe roster (circa 2001 of course, which included Swollen Members (of course) & Moka Only, Buc Fifty, LMNO (who is no longer with Battle Axe) and Mr. Brady, among others.

01. Boy's About To Flip - Buc Fifty
02. This That - Moka Only
03. Commercial Rap - LMNO
04. Dark Riders - Swollen Members
05. It Don't Stop - Mr. Bardy
06. Glock And A Dream - Buc Fifty
07. Pillow Fulla Scrilla - Moka Only
08. Helpful Guidance - LMNO
09. New Details - Swollen Members
10. One With The Wind - Mr. Bardy
11. Forefront - Perfect Strangers
12. With Meaning - LMNO & Mad Child
13. Permanent Scars - Buc Fifty & Aggalah
14. Battle Axe Exclusive - Swollen Members
15. Masters Of Ceremony - Mr. Brady
16. Masters - Kyprios
17. Revealing - Ron Contour & Birdapres
18. Metal's Advocate - Buc Fifty

Chillout !