Saturday, 21 July 2007

Intervallum 57 - Silent Assassin

Hitman 3 - Soundtrack

All the Hitman games have been scored wonderfully by Jesper Kyd. This is one of the best game soundtracks that I've ever heard. Each track is rich and beautifully dark. I usually don't enjoy music of this genre, but the darkness and dynamics of this album has placed it among my favorites. Overall, a fantastic score that sucks you in from the first track. Individual tracks all have something interesting to offer, even if you've listened to the CD many times. This soundtrack is worth having in any collection; it's far better than many big-budget movies have been able to accomplish.

01. White Room & Main Title
02. SWAT Team
03. Hong Kong Underground
04. Slaughter Club
05. Streets of Hong Kong
06. Double Ballers
07. Winter Nights
08. Weapon Select Beats
09. 47 Detected
10. Invader
11. Slaughterhouse
12. Sanitarium
13. Budapest Bath Hotel

Chillout !


Askel said...

cześć, mógłbyś wrzucić jeszcze raz album DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo album - Ki-Oku, bo strasznie chciałem ściągnąć, a nie ma go już na rapidzie...

Jeśli byś mógł, to napisz na - będę wdzięczny

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