Friday, 10 August 2007

Intervallum 58 - No Remorse

Necro - Death Rap [promo]

Check the promo of Necro incoming album - Death Rap.

01.Creepy Crawl
02.No Remorse
03.Some Get Back (Revenge)
04.Belligerent Gansters
05.Suffocated to Death by God's Shadow
06.Mutilate the Beat
07.Keep on Driving
08.Technician of Execution
09.Keeping it Real
11.As Deadly as Can Be
12.Evil Rules
13.Forensic Pathology
14.Portrait of A Death Rapper

Chillout !


MIKE said...

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BiffReagle said...

cool man.. downloading now..

gonna see necro perform in Sydney next month..

Anonymous said...

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