Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Intervallum 49 - Drink If You Got It Smoke If You Got It

DJ Cam - Bouncer Crew: Xtasy For Ladies

Produced entirely by DJ Cam, this release features multi-platinum legends MC Eiht, J. Dilla's protégés Frank-N-Dank, MED, the Lords Of Underground (Roc C, Supastition, In Love, Do It All), and Buckshot.

1. Frank-N-Dank - 'Smokesum'
2. MC Eiht - 'Lowrider'
3. Do It All - 'Let's Rap A Taste On It'
4. Buckshot - 'Ganjaman'
5. Inlove - 'Can't Get Enough'
6. Westside Skit
7. MC Eiht - 'Street Life'
8. Supastition - 'A Love Supreme'
9. So Cool Skit
10. Med - 'Climax'
11. ROC C - 'Rockin'
12. Bouncer Crew Theme

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Friday, 15 June 2007

Intervallum 48 - We No Need The Aim

V/A - Ill Bill & DJ Eclipse - La Coka Nostra Radio Vol.1 (Hosted By Danny Boy)

Firts mixtape signed by LCN Family.

01. Ill Bill & Q-Unique - Don't Touch That Dial
02. Flame Killa - On The Ave
03. The Lox - We're Back
04. Blaq Poet & NYGz - N,H,B
05. Show & AG - Live Hard, Die Hard
06. Joell Ortiz - Solid As A Rock
07. Uncle Murda - Running The City
08. Big Noyd - Ghetto
09. Mobb Deep - That's That (feat. The Alchemist)
10. Evidence - Letyourselfgo Remix (feat. Phonte)
11. Pharoahe Monch - What It IS
12. The Game - My Bitch
13. 50 Cent - Fully Loaded Clip
14. Trife Da God - The World Is A Ghetto
15. Freddie Foxxx - Artwork
16. Special Teamz - I Call
17. Royce Da 5'9" - Hit Em
18. Big City - Stick Em Up (feat. Greg Nice)
19. La Coka Nostra - Where Hope Gets To Die
20. Raekwon - UFO Freestyle

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Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Intervallum 47 - We Are The Vipers

Smea - High Pigmentation

Just out on TE-records is the LP 'High Pigmentation' by Smea, hip-hop instrumentals from Goteborg. The album contains 10 tracks and features both Prosperous and Porter on one cut. Only out on vinyl.

01. Winterwalk With Lilith
02. We Are The Vipers
03. In The Abyss We Lurk
04. Isa The Dub Cat
05. Freight Train Rust
06. Aerosol Addict
07. Slides How Analyser
08. Completely Paralyzed
09. Cheezecake Dance
10. Just Thrashin

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Intervallum 46 - Cin-E-Matic

Louis Logic - Sin-O-Matic

Sin-O-Matic definitely remains worth a listen, however. With a brainy-yet-skewed charisma eerily similar to pre-platinum status Eminem freestyles, Louis is more than able to drop a clever couplet or hysterical punchline every rhyme or two, and even when at it's most stereotypically "indie rap," the disc never loses momentum. Highlights include "Postal," an ode to soul-sucking dayjobs that rides a Dirty South bounce throughout; the freakout Latin guitar on "Diablos;" and "Idiot Gear," an absolutely infectious track which could easilly be a hit single in some alternate universe.

1. Sintro
2. Street Smarts
3. Freak Show
4. Celph Hatred feat. Celph Titled
5. Diablos feat. Celph Titled
6. Dos Factotum
7. Coochie Coup
8. Postal
9. Mischievous
10. Halfway Stretch (Sinterlude)
11. Best Friends feat. Apathy
12. Revenge feat. Celph Titled
13. Fair Weather Fan
14. The Rest
15. The Ugly Truth
16. Idiot Gear
17. Dust To Dust

Chillout !

Intervallum 45 - Great Storyteller

Masta Ace - A Long Hot Summer

This has to go down as one of the best albums ever to hit the shelves. This veteran emcee dropped a great concept cd that was below the mainstream radar. Too bad. I didn't expect too much from this cd. And, at first, the number of skits almost made me not purchase it...but then I realised that they were all part of this concept album that introduced the next song.... The different number of producers almost makes them challenge each other to produce a better track- which Masta Ace benefits very well. No- XXL, MTV or the Source won't mention this: This release is a hip hop classic.

1. Count, The (Interlude)
2. Big City
3. Good Ol' Love
4. Fats Belvedere (Interlude)
5. Da Grind - (with Apocalypse)
6. H.O.O.D.
7. Stoop, The (Interlude)
8. Beautiful
9. F.A.Y. - (with Strick)
10. Fats Crib (Interlude)
11. Soda & Soap - (with Jean Grae)
12. Do It Man - (with Big Noyd)
13. Bklyn Masala - (with Leschea)
14. Proposition, The (Interlude)
15. Travelocity - (with Punch N Words)
16. Ways, The
17. Wutuwankno - (with Edo G.)
18. After Party, The (Interlude)
19. Oh My God - (with The Beatnuts/Rahzel)
20. Cellmate (Interlude)
21. Revelations

Chillout !

Intervallum 44 - Molotov Cocktail

Paris - Sonic Jihad

Here Paris returns with his most pointedly-focused and brutal condemnation of the ills of society to date. Waging righteous warfare (hence the title) on all that he perceives as being wrong with the world in this current political climate of manufactured fear and "War on Terror," he covers such issues as the New World Order, the manmade origins of AIDS, military lies and propaganda, police brutality and the embarrassing state that hip hop is currently in. The first single, "What Would You Do?" has already been a lightning-rod for controversy in the United States, garnering coverage from such notable sources as MTV2, The New York Times and MSNBC for its suggestion that the Bush Administration played a key role in orchestrating the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. And it doesn't stop there -- the album also features progressive hip-hop visionaries Dead Prez, Public Enemy and Kam. Add dancehall sensation Capelton to this already impressive lineup and you have a potent molotov cocktail of an album ready to explode.

1. Ave Bushani
2. Field Nigga Boogie
3. Sheep To The Slaughter
4. Spilt Milk
5. Tear Shit Up
6. Freedom
7. Ain't No Love
8. Lay Low
9. Life Goes On
10. You Know My Name
11. Evil
12. AWOL
13. Agents Of Repression
14. What Would You Do?
15. How We Do
16. Freedom - (The Last Cell remix)

Chillout !

Intervallum 43 - Power Of The Word

Sabac - Sabacolypse

I bought Sabac's debut album with hesitation at first, but had no regrets after listening to it. His cd portays his views and opinions all the while accurately portraying current day issues and solutions. "Urban Gorillas" and "Speak Militant" are just a few of the great songs that states the corruption and opppression in the world. His songs offer a striking view on a better society and brings the truth to light in a creative form. With powerful lyrics and incontrovertible facts, it acts as a message to all people. It is not recommended for children, but for adults and older teens, it will exhume the reality into those whose minds are clouded. The problems, the politics, the oppression: all fall into his work for change.

1. Intro
2. Organize (Solution)
3. Sabacolypse (Truth)
4. Positive (Sabac) Negative (Necro) - Cuts By Dj Eclipse and
Additional Backround Vocals By Cenophia Mitchell (Truth)
5. Revelation 1 feat. Jamal Joseph Of The Black Panther Party
(Spoken Word) (Voice)
6. Protest Music (Militance)
7. Bac's Anthem (Voice)
8. Fight Until The End feat. Immortal Technique and Roosevelt
Phillip (Awareness & Solution)
9. Revelation 2 feat. Jamal Joseph Of The Black Panther Party,
Piano Played By Elliot Thomas (Personal Pie) and Additional
Backround Vocals By Cenophia Mitchell (Spoken Word) (Voice)
10. The Scientist (Aids) - Statistics By Q-Unique (Awareness)
11. P.O.W.'S feat. Mr. Hyde, Necro, Goretex, Sabac and ILL BiLL
12. Vinyl (Bacapella) (Voice)
13. Unsolved Mysteries (Vision)
14. Revelation 3 feat. Jamal Joseph Of The Black Panther Party,
Piano Played By Elliot Thomas (Personal Glover) & Additional
Backround Vocals By Cenophia Mitchell (Spoken Word) (Voice)
15. A Change Gon' Come feat. Antwon Lamar Robinson and Necro
Playing Fender Jazz Bass (Truth & Solution)
16. Urban Gorillas feat. Vinny Paz Of Jedi Mind Tricks and Q-Unique
(Truth & Militance)
17. Speak Militant - Cuts By Dj Eclipse (Militance)
18. Freestyle Freedom feat. Necro Live On Fender Jazz Bass, Elliot
Thomas (Junkyard Cosby) Live On Congas & Additional Backround
Vocals By Cenophia Mitchell (Freestyle Jam & Spoken Word) (Voice)
19. I Have A Dream feat. Dash Mihok and Cenophia Mitchell (Vision)
20. A Change Gon' Come (Militant Metal Mix)

Chillout !