Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Intervallum 45 - Great Storyteller

Masta Ace - A Long Hot Summer

This has to go down as one of the best albums ever to hit the shelves. This veteran emcee dropped a great concept cd that was below the mainstream radar. Too bad. I didn't expect too much from this cd. And, at first, the number of skits almost made me not purchase it...but then I realised that they were all part of this concept album that introduced the next song.... The different number of producers almost makes them challenge each other to produce a better track- which Masta Ace benefits very well. No- XXL, MTV or the Source won't mention this: This release is a hip hop classic.

1. Count, The (Interlude)
2. Big City
3. Good Ol' Love
4. Fats Belvedere (Interlude)
5. Da Grind - (with Apocalypse)
6. H.O.O.D.
7. Stoop, The (Interlude)
8. Beautiful
9. F.A.Y. - (with Strick)
10. Fats Crib (Interlude)
11. Soda & Soap - (with Jean Grae)
12. Do It Man - (with Big Noyd)
13. Bklyn Masala - (with Leschea)
14. Proposition, The (Interlude)
15. Travelocity - (with Punch N Words)
16. Ways, The
17. Wutuwankno - (with Edo G.)
18. After Party, The (Interlude)
19. Oh My God - (with The Beatnuts/Rahzel)
20. Cellmate (Interlude)
21. Revelations

Chillout !