Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Intervallum 46 - Cin-E-Matic

Louis Logic - Sin-O-Matic

Sin-O-Matic definitely remains worth a listen, however. With a brainy-yet-skewed charisma eerily similar to pre-platinum status Eminem freestyles, Louis is more than able to drop a clever couplet or hysterical punchline every rhyme or two, and even when at it's most stereotypically "indie rap," the disc never loses momentum. Highlights include "Postal," an ode to soul-sucking dayjobs that rides a Dirty South bounce throughout; the freakout Latin guitar on "Diablos;" and "Idiot Gear," an absolutely infectious track which could easilly be a hit single in some alternate universe.

1. Sintro
2. Street Smarts
3. Freak Show
4. Celph Hatred feat. Celph Titled
5. Diablos feat. Celph Titled
6. Dos Factotum
7. Coochie Coup
8. Postal
9. Mischievous
10. Halfway Stretch (Sinterlude)
11. Best Friends feat. Apathy
12. Revenge feat. Celph Titled
13. Fair Weather Fan
14. The Rest
15. The Ugly Truth
16. Idiot Gear
17. Dust To Dust

Chillout !