Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Intervallum 20 - Sultry Jazzy Night

Nicknack - Improving Silence

"Improving Silence" can best be described as a combination of jazz and hip hop. The result is a sultry, soulful downtempo instrumental sound that is sure to move you whether you like jazz, hip hop, soul, r&b or downtempo electronica. The album is a solid 60 minutes of quality music which features a stellar cast of guest appearances such as Laura Scarborough (vocals and wurlitzer), Mike Malone (sax), Ephraim Owens (trumpet), Brannen Temple (drums) and D Madness (electric bass). See what everyone is saying:
"I can't figure out if I'm listening to a new 12" or some classic Bob James ish."

1 Improving Silence
2 Mustard Seed
3 Simple Shortcomings
4 Wind Parade
5 Fighting Facts
6 In Hind Sight
7 Soul Nourishment
8 Human Experience
9 Suitable Modulation
10 Salt of the Earth
11 Edify
12 Root to the Fruit

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