Monday, 1 October 2007

Intervallum 70 - Music Box

Matlock - Moonshine

Not your grandma's Matlock, this is bedrock Chi hip hop Matlock -- a hard thumpin' batch from an MC that doesn't mince words - with appearances by RA The Rugged Man, Rusty Chains, Pace Won and Juice. Chicago on fire baby !

01. Intro
02. Liven Em Up
03. Pignose (feat. RA The Rugged Man)
04. Bury My Body
05. Don't Sleep
06. Interlude
07. Moonshine
08. Love N Hate
09. Dear Abbey
10. Get Lit (feat. Rusty Chains)
11. This Music
12. Interlude
13. Cursed
14. Live At EV
15. Quatro Muchachos (feat. Pace Won / Rusty Chains / Juice)
16. I'm A Thief
17. Music Box
18. Northside Die-Hard
19. Outro

Chillout !

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This dude is garbage now.He turned into a angry lil dude with nothin relevent to say. Chicago has so muuuuuuuch more to offer. Should have stayed with Molemen cuz thats when his music was good.