Monday, 1 October 2007

Intervallum 68 - 25 To Life

Tragedy Khadafi - The Death Of Tragedy

Tragedy Khadafi's (A.K.A. Percy Chapman) latest album is "The Death of Tragedy" (2007) a short seventeen track release which features production from Havoc, Scram Jones, Betrayal, GQ Beats, Now & Laterz, Crack Val, Alchemist & 4th Disciple. The veteran Queensbridge MC provides an album for the streets, often reppin his record label 25 To Life Records.

01. G-Formation
02. The Truest
03. I Am The Streets
04. Murder By Numbers
05. Crime Legacy
06. Sole Dead Brothers
07. Militain Mind State
08. Ryder Musik
09. Emaculate G's
10. Intimate Vision
11. Dejavu
12. If You Don't Know
13. 25 To Life
14. Elbouhio Of Death
15. Milk Murder (Tribute)
16. Mind State (bonus track)

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