Monday, 1 October 2007

Intervallum 80 - Listen To The Pouring Rain

Earmint - Another Early Evening

EV Records is proud to introduce Chi-town beat-smith Earmint! This debut LP features vocals from Psalm One (Rhymesayers), Illogic (Rhymesayers), Diverse (Chocolate Industries), Murs (Def Jux), Roc C (Stones Throw) and LongShot (EV Records) along with co-production from Elliot Lipp (Hefty Records), Overflo (Birthwrite Records), and Mr. Magic Pantz. Earmint first hit the Chicago hip hop scene with a track on Diverses critically acclaimed album “1AM.”

01. The Flashy Slang Ft. Psalm One
02. Cut To Carchase
03. Haven't Been Home
04. Don't Aver Know Why (Instro)
05. Be That Ft. Longshot & Roc C
06. So Much For Nothing (Instro)
07. Wreck Shop (Instro)
08. Guaranteed (Instro)
09. So Terrible It's Terrifying
10. Good Grief (Instro)
11. I'm The Ft. Mur & Anacron
12. All City
13. The Bluessinger Ft. Diverse
14. Attack On All Fronts (Instro)
15. Move That (Instro)
16. What My Climn Ft. Longshot
17. Listen To The Pouring Rain
18. Then Go Outside (Vocals By Samatha Dole)
19. At The Shore (Bonus Track)
20. Plug Connect Express (Bonus Track)

Chillout !

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