Monday, 1 October 2007

Intervallum 77 - Lyrical Melee

Army Of The Pharaohs - Ritual Of Battle

The collection of tracks on Ritual of Battle is so grimy and morbid that it would make your current favorite hard body emcee run and shudder and will probably have the same effect on your average Hip Hop fan. Army Of The Pharaohs’s group members all contribute their unique style to the cauldron reminiscent of another 9 member group from New York (Wu Tang) but their concoction, Ritual of Battle, lacks the chemistry and focus of early Wu Tang projects. Ritual of Battle is an album for a specific niche of hardcore East Coast underground heads and despite the endless violence there are still some head bangers on Ritual Of Battle but if you’re not apart of the cult they’re targeting it’s safe to pass on Ritual Of Battle.

01. Swords Drawn

02. Time To Rock
03. Dump The Clip
04. Black Christmas
05. Blue Steel
06. Gun Ballad
07. Strike Back
08. Frontline
09. Through Blood By Thunder
10. Murda Murda
11. Bloody Tears
12. Seven
13. Drama Theme
14. Pages In Blood
15. D & D
16. Don't Cry

Chillout !


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