Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Intervallum 9 - Travel To Japan

DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo - Ki-Oku

DJ Krush is known for his funky, jazzy house style beats through out the world. Toshinori Kondo is one of the top trumpeters from Japan. The combination of a turntablist such as Krush and the trumpeting of Kondo seems like it wouldn't be a match. Yet, Krush constantly supplies the beats and Kondo fully delivers with the trumpet.

The album has a very beat conscious, melodic, dreamy and at times almost psychedelic. This is definitely not the album you would listen to before heading out on the town, but it is the album you would listen to once you were back at home after a long night out.

1 Toh-Sui
2 Tobira-1
3 Mu-Getsu
4 Ha-Doh
5 Sun is Shining
6 Mu-Chu
7 Tobira-2
8 Fu-Yu
9 Ki-Gen
10 Ko-Ku
11 Shoh-ka
12 Bu-Seki 04:58
13 Tobira-3

Chillout !