Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Intervallum 7 - Electronic Pneuma

P-Love - ...All Up In Your Mind

People have been talking about this one for some time now. We are very excited about it. It is the first official full length Bully release on LP on vinyl. That should say something. If it doesn't, just insert the years of P-love backing tours for Kid Koala, Amon Tobin, Sixtoo, MMW and just about anyone else you may have heard of. A soft blend of electronics, brass, 80's punk and Neptunes-esque drum programs.

01. P-Love - Let's start at 58th and Roosevelt
02. P-Love - St-Viateur shuffle, part 2
03. P-Love - Close the light
04. P-Love - Six-speed solopsism
05. P-Love - Four inches per minute on the DVP
06. P-Love - Laches pas les etudes, Gertrude
07. P-Love - Rockland county dramatics - andante
08. P-Love - Rockland county dramatics - allegro
09. P-Love - Blue and Brown feat. Bonobo
10. P-Love - Isabella Frances
11. P-Love - Palisades (extendomix)
12. P-Love - Epilogue

Chillout !