Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Intervallum 6 - SF Instrumental Chill

Unagi - It Came From Beyond The SFC

Third release by San Francisco producer / emcee Unagi, stepping it up from last year’s all-instrumental “Keeping It Eel” release. Guest lyricists include Kero One (Kashmere Sound, Jazzy Sport), Infinito 2017 (Domination), King Ceasar aka XRay of Monster Island Czars, Motion Man (Threshold) and more, filling out about half of the fifteen tracks with more than respectable verbals. Positive reviews already up on okayplayer.com, popmatters.com, dustedmagazine.com, altrap.com and smother.net. Unagi has been featured on Female Fun/Handcuts’ Japanese-only “Sssense” CD, Zoo York’s “Skate Maps” DVD (theme song) and Hip Hop Slam’s “Amoeba Music ” compilation.

1. Shock & Awe
2. Stay Focused feat. Linkletterz
3. Ricochet feat. King Caesar & Gamble
4. Split Decision
5. Shoulda Known Better
6. Expanded & Up To Date feat. Infinito 2017
7. EKGz
8. If U Wanna
9. Who Spilt The Beer feat. Motion Man
10. Lost & Found feat. Unagi
11. Rolling Ronnie
12. Reach feat. Kero One
13. Give It To Me
14. Wrap You Up feat. Melina Jones
15. Bay Boss Outro

Chillout !