Saturday, 10 March 2007

Intervallum 17 - Find A Quiet Place...

Unagi - Keepin It Eel

Unagi definitely mixes so many styles that it's hard to put him into a certain category, if not impossible. This album definitely will (or at least should) appeal to a lot of people, whether they like hip-hop, soul, jazz or any other type of music. It's also something that you can play for your girl when you're in a romantic mood. I don't know, it's different to the stuff I usually listen to, but I really like it. Just check it out...

1 Condorman's Revenge
2 Two Parent Household
3 Roper Golf Pro
4 Too Tuff
5 Seventeen Fireflies
6 Relocation Blues
7 European Vacation
8 The One Revisited
9 The Ring
10 Me and You
11 Find A Quiet Place
12 Oblivious
13 High? Yes
14 Diamond District
15 I Want U With Me

Chillout !