Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Intervallum 15 - From The City Of Thorns

Mr. Hill - The Darkest Hour

THE DARKEST HOUR now shipping, Mr. Hill's first instrumental project. Having done production for acts such as Grayskul, Kool Keith, Akrobatic, Oldominion and many more, Mr. Hill releases his first all instrumental project THE DARKEST HOUR.

01 Intro
02 Ball and Chain
03 The Darkest Hour
04 Adelaide (The Celebration)
05 Operation Razorteeth
06 Whenever We're Together
07 No Tresspassing
08 Beyond the Darkness
09 If You Go Away
10 Fatal Rescue
11 Nightmare in the Sun
12 Upon Us
13 CPH
14 Soul Desert
15 The Letter
16 Outro

Chillout !