Monday, 7 May 2007

Intervallum 38 - Mix Of Styles

Dub Incorporation - Diversite

Dub Incorporation is a reggae band from Saint-Étienne, France together since 1997. They combine a range of styles, including dancehall, dub, ska and even rap and hip-hop. Their music is also influences by African and Arab music with their songs being sung in a mixture of French, English, Arabic and Kabyle.

1. My Freestyle
2. Visions
3. Life feat Tiken Jah
4. Rude Boy
5. Murderer
6. Holy Mount
7. Galérer
8. L'échiquier
9. I'n'I Soldier
10. Ecran Total
11. Diversité
12. See Di Youth

Chillout !